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After dinner, mint chocolate; how old skool is that?!

Just a hint of sweetness with the refreshing taste of mint to follow a meal instead of a pudding, it’s the ideal treat!

If you’re like us and you need more than a small piece of chocolate after a meal to satisfy that sweet tooth, then follow this delicious recipe for our mint tea-infused hot chocolate!

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Yes, you did read that right; Mint tea AND hot chocolate…. And it is delish!

Peppermint is renowned for settling the stomach and is a light, refreshing taste. This gave us a thought; could we make mint hot chocolate using peppermint tea.

marshmallows in hot chocolate

It turns out that you can. In this recipe, we’ve combined our loose-leaf peppermint tea leaves with our real hot chocolate flakes, to bring you the most delicious mug of sweet, sweet happiness!

Give this a try as an alternative to that after dinner mint…


pouring hot choc into amug
You will need:

  • 20-40g Two Chimps Hot Chocolate Flakes (Depending how much of a chocoholic you are!)
  • 250ml whole milk
  • 3g Two Chimps Pepamyntee Loose-Leaf Peppermint Tea
  • Your favourite mug

To Serve

  • Whipped or Squirty Cream (Optional)
  • Marshmallows (also optional, but awesome)
  • Two Chimps Hot Chocolate Flakes
ingredients for peppermint hot chocolate

Let’s do this

Step 1

Pour your milk onto your tea leaves, stir and leave in the fridge for 30mins. This is will infuse the milk with all the minty goodness!

mint tea leaves in milk pan
Step 2

Strain the milk into a saucepan and discard the leaves. Add your hot chocolate flakes & stir.

straining mint tea leaves from milk
Step 3

Put the pan on a medium heat and stir or whisk until all the chocolate has melted. Once it starts to simmer, take it off the heat.



Step 4

Pour into your favourite mug, add sugar if required, then add your favourite toppings & enjoy!

pouring hot choc into amug


If you have an espresso machine or milk frother, add your strained milk & hot chocolate into a jug and steam together.

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