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V60 & Chemex – they are both here!

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A V60 and a Chemex are both super-fast and easy to use. These brew methods can be relatively cost effective too!

To get a little techy, we would recommend a starting ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water. If this is too strong or too weak for you, change the ratio as needed. As long as you enjoy it, make it however you wish!

Chemex and three bags of coffee


Before you start our beginners guide to brewing filter coffee, you will need:

A kettle (swan neck is preferred, but a regular kettle will be just fine)

A V60 or Chemex

Filters for your chosen device

Snazzy mug

20g of scrummy coffee

320ml of filtered water if possible. From the tap if not.

Now you have gathered everything;


Ready? Set? Go!

Put the kettle on to boil.

Now, if needed, grind your beans like rough or granulated sugar.

When the kettle has boiled, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly (30-60s)

Wet the filter and discard the water. This is to remove any possibility of a paper taste in your filter coffee.

Rinsing the filter of a V60 coffee maker


Add 3 heaped tablespoons (20g) of ground coffee and pour a little of your hot water to wet the grounds. Around 50ml will do.

Adding coffee to a V60 coffee maker


Wait for 30s to allow the coffee to ‘bloom’.

A V60 coffee maker complete with coffee grounds


Pour the remaining water over a 2/2.30 min period, circling the flow from the inside to the out. This is to make sure all the grounds get wet.

Pouring water into a filter with coffee in


Your coffee should stop dripping through at around 3-3.30mins.

Do a happy dance and enjoy your coffee. You made that you did!


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If you are using a Chemex, the coffee may take a little longer to drip through than the times suggested above. This is because the filter paper in a Chemex is much thicker than other brands.

Multiple cups will take much longer to drip through too.

A Chemex coffee maker with coffee blooming


Now you’ve mastered our beginners guide to brewing filter coffee, are you dying to get your hands on a device to make your own? Then check out our coffee equipment.


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