Beginners Guide to Coffee Subscriptions

Hey there! Fancy a great-tasting coffee subscription without any fuss? Of course you do. It’ll change your life (no, seriously).


two chimps coffee subscription on your doormat


Subscribing can sound scary, we know. It’s probably conjuring up visions of pre-payments and contracts and on-the-dotted-line commitment right now.

Ahhh, but not here. Not at Two Chimps Coffee, where we do things a bit differently. Our top-notch coffee subscription service allows you to create a bespoke coffee plan you can match to your needs. There are no strings attached and no hidden small print; you can pause, amend or cancel any time you like!

If all of the above sounds like your cup of tea coffee, then why not set up a Two Chimps subscription today? And don’t worry if you’re new to all this subscription stuff; we’re going back to the blueprint to tell you what it’s all about. Keep reading!

What do I get in a coffee subscription?

Coffee. And rather a lot more. Set up a personalised Two Chimps subscription and you’ll receive freshly roasted, ethically sourced speciality beans ground just how you like them. You can tailor each part of your subscription to create a plan that suits you. So, as well as specifying how often you would like us to deliver your scrummy coffee, you say which coffee you want, how much you need and how you’d like it ground. Your order will then land on your doormat each week, month or fortnight (you choose) in stylish packaging your kitchen counter will love.

Your pocket will also be chuffed because, guess what, subscribers save £1 on each bag! Subscribers also receive some rather awesome coffee freebies and 10% off store-wide, plus free First Class delivery throughout their subscription. There will be a healthy dose of coffee jokes along the way, plus some background info and brew tips to make you a coffee whizz-kid in no time.

two chimps decaf coffee gift set - two chimps coffee


Why should I sign up?

Coffee, like many of our favourite foods, is best when fresh. Ideally, you want to be brewing your beans a few days after they’ve come off the heat. And guess what? That’s just what you get with a Two Chimps Coffee subscription! We roast our speciality beans multiple times each week to make sure you receive only the freshest, most unbelievably tasty coffee for your mug. Throw a vac-packed bag of instant in your supermarket trolley and you’ll get something (poorly) roasted months ago. Set up a bespoke subscription and you’ll receive freshly roasted deliciousness right on your doormat. We would say our coffee wins hands down, but we’re not sure there’s even a contest…


White Two Chimps gift box tied with black ribbon fixed with gift note


What makes this deliciousness even more dazzling? That it’s so simple. And stress-free. It’s nothing short of a coffee saviour. Because with a Two Chimps coffee subscription, you’ll never need to worry about coffee again. Flavour-packed deliveries will arrive at your door right when you need them. All you have to do is get ready for a full Arabica experience that’ll leave you in raptures. Yankee candles begone, because this coffee’s gonna fill your home with the most divine aroma!

Looking for one more reason why you should sign up? Coffee subscriptions are ridiculously on-trend. Did you know that searches for the phrase increased by 400% in 2020? Oh, la la!

Stovetop besides swan neck kettle and three bags of Two Chimps coffee


Who needs a coffee subscription?

Love great coffee? Then a coffee subscription is for you. You don’t need to be a hardcore caffeine-head or expert latteist, you just gotta luuuve your brew.

Because coffee subscriptions are for everyone. Whether you’re a busy bee looking for faff-free java or an expert home brewer wanting to try something new, you can tailor your subscription so it works for you. Maybe you’re a coffee newbie wanting to make the step to speciality? Come on in – we’re delighted to have you!

Our coffee club isn’t cliquey. We love you all – whole bean brewers, filter fans, cafetière ninjas – and can’t wait to create a unique subscription just for you!

Screenshot of coffee subscription delivery options


What do all the words mean?

Don’t worry if you’re baffled by some (or all) of the above. We know all this subscription-y speak can be difficult to understand. We like a good dose of jargon-busting here at Two Chimps, so here’s your failsafe guide to the most common coffee subscription terms:

  • Roast type: when you select the coffee you want to subscribe to, the roast type is one of the things you’ll choose. There are three main types of roast: light, medium and dark, and each term tells you how long the beans spent in the roaster. It also gives you a rather nifty insight into the flavour. Go for a dark roast and you’ll have a cup with that classic coffee flavour: rich and chocolatey, bold and beautiful. Pop a light roast in your basket, meanwhile, and you’ll find a brighter brew that’s zingy with notes of berry. Dee-lish in a cafetière.


coffee in roasting sample trowel


  • Brew method: when you select your coffee, we’ll ask you to pick your brew method, too. This describes the device you use to make your coffee at home. There are many ways to brew, and we’ve included the top five in our subscription maker. Alternatively, you can select whole bean if you prefer to grind at home.


Above shot of v60 with ground coffee and swan neck kettle


  • Grind size: This one’s tied up with the above. Each brew method requires a slightly different grind size, and knowing your fave method means that we can grind your beans bang on. The result? Coffee extracted to perfection.


Chemex with grounds and swan neck kettle


  • Delicious: how to define the word ‘delicious’? Hmmm… how about freshly roasted coffee?

How do I set it up?

Setting up your coffee subscription is as easy as ABC. Well, maybe ABCD, because there are four speedy steps in the process. Firstly, you need to head over to our online shop and choose your coffee. It’s a tricky decision, but we know you can do it! Then, simply click on your fave brew method, select your amount and pick your delivery frequency. Then do a boogie, because you’re all set. Welcome to the troop, coffee subscriber!


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Get going today for regular, fresh coffee and plenty of subscriber perks!


Let's go!

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