Brew Guide: How to Brew with a Moka Pot

How to make a great brew with a Moka Pot!

If you want a coffee with a bit more oomph, you should try the Moka Pot. Compared to the other brewing methods discussed in this series, this device uses pressure and a metal screen to make your cup of joe, creating delicious, rich coffee. There are no filters or plunging here!

Like the origins of most renowned inventions, the history of the Moka Pot is somewhat unclear. The general credit for the Moka Pot has been given to Luigi di Ponti and Alfonso Bialetti. In 1933, di Ponti came to Bialetti, owner of an aluminium company, to put his new coffee invention into production. Since its launch, more than 300 million Bialetti Moka Pots have been sold, gaining global recognition and a permanent place in multiple design museums worldwide.


Moka Pot


Why you should try brewing with a Moka Pot!

If you want an espresso style of strength but without the price tag of a machine, the Moka Pot is the perfect alternative. This device brews coffee with pressure like an espresso machine, giving you a concentrated, full-bodied, syrupy texture bursting with rich coffee flavours. Yummy!

The Moka is a stovetop coffee maker designed initially for gas hobs (but don’t worry, you can also buy an induction version for modern cookers!). When the device is placed on heat, the steam created by the water increases the pressure, forcing the water up through the coffee grounds, which are sitting in a mesh metal tray. This infusion continues until the pressure pushes the liquid up the central column and into the upper section of the device. You will soon hear and see the coffee spluttering from the two spouts. At this stage, you will smell the incredible aroma of coffee, and it’s time to pour!

Like the Chemex and Cafetière, this device is available in multiple sizes, making it ideal for any coffee-calling situation. With a Moka Pot, you will be brewing an espresso-style shot of 40-50ml, which you can top with water and milk or drink as is! We stock 1,3,6-cup capacity Bialetti Mokas, but a 12-cup is also available if you are eager for more.


Moka Pot and Two Chimps Coffee


What is the best coffee to use for a Moka Pot?

You can use any medium to dark roasted coffee in a Moka, but we (of course) recommend using speciality beans to get the best flavours possible. This device will extract more acidity than a filter or cafetière, so avoiding lighter roasted coffees prevents any overly sour flavours in your cup.

Our coffees are all speciality Arabica and sourced from a single origin, guaranteeing the best flavours in your cup. Our blue coffee has punchy and tangy flavours, pairing perfectly with the Moka. At first sip, you’ll experience a rich chocolate base balanced by a combo of toffee and crisp apple. We’re drooling.

Are you craving something a little lighter? Our green-labelled coffee is the answer to your prayers! With a medium roast style, this brew has a silky texture of milk chocolate and a warming sweetness of caramel. The acidity also contains a little apple and cherry. Yum!

Finally, we ensure we cover all the bases for every coffee lover. Say hello to our purple-labelled DECAF coffee! Roasted to a medium level, this brew has a creamy texture with a nutty and malty base, finished with lemon acidity.


Moka Pot Brewing


How to brew

So, you know the history, how it works, and which coffees work best, let’s get down to the brew method, shall we?

Starting at the important bit, the coffee grind size must be spot on! You need a coarse grind size, like granulated sugar, for a Moka. If your grind size is too fine, the coffee will start moving up too quickly and will be under-extracted.

Brew ratios don’t really apply to a Moka Pot, as you just fill up the metal basket, and that’s it! This means that the amount of coffee and water you use purely depends on the size and design of your chosen Moka Pot.


Let’s get brewing!

  1. Fill the water chamber with boiled water, but don’t cover the safety valve. We want an explosive taste, not an actual explosion!
  2. Fill the basket with ground coffee, level it, and shake it flat.
  3. Insert the basket into the water chamber and screw the top chamber in place. Be careful, it’s hot!
  4. Put the moka pot on the stove over medium-low heat, leaving the lid up.
  5. After 60-90 seconds, you should hear a gurgling sound and see the coffee appear from the spout.
  6. Remove from the heat when it starts to spurt.
  7. Chill the base under cool running water, then pour.

There you have it! Now, you are a master at brewing using a Moka Pot. Wahoo!


Ready to give it a go? Grab a bag of Two Chimps coffee and take it for a spin!

Moka Pot and Coffee Set

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