Brew Guide: How to Brew with a V60

How to make a cracking brew when using the V60!

Welcome to the second instalment of our How to Brew series! Last time, we went traditional with the humble Cafetière, which is probably a brewing device you have seen or heard of. Today, we are discussing a newer way of making your brew: the Hario V60.


Pouring a V60


What is the V60?

This cone-shaped coffee device was first introduced in 2005. Manufactured by the Japanese company Hario, they started their coffee journey with the glass coffee syphon in 1949. The V60 drip is a filter device designed to bring you convenient, quick, and easy filter coffee wherever you are. Using a pour-over method, gravity pulls the water through the coffee grounds sitting in the filter. It then drips directly into your coffee mug, which sits underneath the device.

The name comes from the 60-degree angle of the cone, and it is available in ceramic, glass, and metal. The inside of the cone has wave-like ridges, and these prevent the filter from sticking to the sides when the water is poured, preventing gases from escaping during the bloom. This creates a smoother flow of water and a better flavour!

The v60 is designed to be placed on top of your coffee mug or jug so the coffee runs directly into your cup, ready to be sipped. A large hole at the base allows the filter to poke through. This lets the extraction process continue past the cone and further develops all the wonderful, unique flavours our speciality coffee offers. Get in!


Hario V60 Drip


Why do we love the V60?

Apart from its easy-to-use function, the V60 creates consistently awesome coffee. It uses a filter, which gives your brew a clean, balanced, and light flavour profile. The filter also catches all the coffee grounds, which is helpful for disposal. Sometimes, depending on where you are, you can’t rinse out a brewing device like a Cafetière; with a V60, you can remove the filter, and you’re done!

This device is also highly durable, whether you purchase the plastic or metal model. Its small design makes it easy to pack while travelling, and it is perfect for office use when you don’t fancy a cup of that naff instant stuff (yuck). It’s also on the cheaper side when it comes to coffee devices, which is always a bonus as you can spend more on awesome speciality coffee!


V60 and Two Chimps Coffee


Which Two Chimps Coffees work best with a V60?

Like the Cafetière, a V60 pairs perfectly with a lighter-roasted coffee, which is good for you as we love light and fruity flavours at Two Chimps. If you are a fan of a clean, bright brew bursting with sweet, fruity flavours, our yellow label is the one for you! Grown in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, its nutrient-rich soil and altitude have created an irresistible chocolatey coffee topped with cranberries, apples, and bright citrus acidity.

If you are looking for something extra special, our limited-edition, white-labelled coffee has some unique, delicate notes. Grown in a micro lot in Mexico, Autumn the Fourth has been processed using a washed method with a starter culture. This has created bursts of amazing flavours. With the freshness of strawberry, apple, and frangipane-like notes of almond with a cheeky swirl of chocolate, this bright brew is perfect for the V60.

Not forgetting you decaf drinkers, we’ve got your back! You deserve better than beans drowned in nasty chemicals. Our lilac coffee, ‘The Daydream Continues,’ has been decaffeinated using sparkling water, which retains all the yummy coffee flavours. At first sip, experience a dark chocolate buttery biscuit with walnuts and a sweet chunk of toffee. We’re drooling!


Adding Coffee to a V60


How to brew

To get started, let’s get that grind size perfect! You want the coffee ground to have a coarse texture, like granulated sugar. This allows enough room for the water to filter through at the correct rate.

How much coffee to add to your V60 depends on how many cups you are making. For 1-2 cups, we recommend 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) of coffee, with 320ml of water. The ratio to follow is 1:16.

All sorted? Great, let’s brew!

  1. Boil your kettle and leave to cool for 30 seconds (we don’t want to burn our coffee grounds!)
  2. Place your paper filter into the V60 device and pop it on top of your mug or jug.
  3. Pour a little bit of the water onto the filter to cleanse the paper, discarding any water that drips through.
  4. Place your desired amount of coffee into the filter. For 1-2 cups, this is roughly 3 heaped teaspoons (20g)
  5. Pour a little bit of the water over your coffee grounds (about 50ml) and wait to see bubbles and swelling. This indicates that the excess carbon dioxide being released, AKA blooming!
  6. After 30 seconds, pour over the remaining water, moving in a circular motion starting from the outside and moving in.
  7. The coffee should finish dripping at around the three-minute mark.
  8. Enjoy!



It may sound and look a bit bizarre, but the V60 does make a blooming good brew.

Don’t believe us? Give it a go yourself!

The Hario V60

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