Brewing coffee in a Moka Pot


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Great for a strong syrupy coffee, the moka pot is a simple device. Basically a pressure cooker for coffee, a moka pot is easy and quick to use.

Moka pot and three bags of coffee


Getting a little techy with a moka pot is difficult. The size of the water container and the size of the basket change from model and size to size, these elements are out of your control. It can be a bit trial and error, but once you have nailed it, you will be able to produce awesome coffee time and time again with this coffee maker.

You will need:

A moka pot

A fancy mug

Scrummy coffee

Filtered water if possible. From the tap if not.

Got everything together? Let’s get making!

Boil your kettle, then, after letting it cool for 30/60s, fill the water container of your moka pot up to the valve.

Pouring water into a moka pot


If needed, grind your coffee to a rough sugar consistency.

Fill the moka pot basket to the top with awesome coffee, level and shake flat.

Filling a moka pot basket


Moka pot basket full of coffee


Place your basket into the base, screw on the top and place on the heat. Keep the lid up. By doing so, you will be able to see the coffee coming up the spout.

Coffee starting to fill a moka pot


The coffee should start to appear in 60/90s. If not, adjust the heat next time.

Coffee in a moka pot


When the coffee starts to spurt, remove your moka pot from the heat.

To stop the coffee extracting, run the base of the moka pot under cold water.

Pour your moka pot coffee into your favourite mug.

Do a little dance, drink a little coffee!

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Pouring coffee from a moka pot


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