Getting the most from your Cafetiere

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A cafetiere is great if you prefer a heavier bodied coffee.

Also known as a French press, we bet every home has one of these hiding in a cupboard! Find yours, and let’s get started!

To get a little techy, we would recommend a starting ratio of 1 part coffee to 20 parts water. If this is too strong or too weak for you, change the ratio as needed. As long as you enjoy it, make it however you wish!

A cafetiere with three bags of coffee and a kettle


To make cafetiere coffee, you will need:

A kettle

A cafetiere

Your favourite mug

25g of scrummy coffee

500ml of filtered water if possible. From the tap if not.


Got everything? Ready, Set, Bananas!

Pop the kettle on.

If you need to, grind some tasty beans. These need to be ground like the texture of caster sugar.

Rinse the cafetiere with warm water and discard.

Rinsing a Cafetiere


Let the kettle cool for 30-60s once it has boiled.

In the meantime, add your ground coffee to the cafetiere.

A Cafetiere with a how many is a Brazilian sample coffee being added


Pour all of your water in, trying to wet all the grounds while doing so. Keep the heat in by adding the lid.

A Cafetiere being topped up with water


After two minutes, stir the coffee to break up the crust.

A Cafetiere being stirred to break the crust


After a further 2 minutes, plunge the cafetiere

A Cafetiere with plunger


After 2 more minutes, pour.

Pouring coffee from a Cafetiere


Do a little dance. Woop Woop!

And there you have it, our guide to show you how to make cafetiere coffee.

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Small cafetiere with coffee and milk jug


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