How To Use The Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot

There’s nothing better than a cold brew coffee on a hot summers day.

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The Mizudashi Hario Coffee Pot extracts all the flavours from the coffee and produces a smooth, rich flavoured coffee. It’s a great device to have when friends and family are over as it can produce up to five cups of coffee when full. It is super easy to use and to clean too. What isn’t to love about this cold brew coffee device?

Right then, let’s get started.

cold brew coffee being poured


To make a cold brew coffee using this device, you will need:

  • A Mizudashi Coffee Pot
  • Your finest coffee mug
  • Your favourite Two Chimps Coffee (We find an Aeropress grind works best for cold brew coffee)
  • Cold Water (filtered if possible)

Let’s go!

equipment for making a cold brew coffee


Firstly, weigh out 50g (or 7 heaped tablespoons) of ground coffee. Then, remove the lid from the device , remove the strainer and carefully pour the grounds into the strainer.

Coffee grounds being poured into cold brew coffee pot


Next, set the strainer in the glass container. You will see there is a black dot on the top of the strainer. Twist this round so it is at the centre of the spout.

Slowly, pour the water into the strainer and keep adding it little by little until it reaches the middle point of the handle. While you’re adding your water, slowly stir it so the coffee grounds mix with the water. Keep going until the glass container is full.

water being poured into cold brew coffee pot


Put the lid on and store in the fridge overnight, for approximately 24 hours.

cold brew coffee brewing


Take it out of the fridge and remove the strainer.

And voila – you can now enjoy a Two Chimps Coffee cold brew. Ideal for those warm lazy days.

cold brew coffee being poured


When you’ve finished with this device, cleaning it is super easy too!

When you have removed the strainer from the glass container, twist the cap on the bottom of the strainer and the wet grounds will fall out.

Make sure you do this over a bin or your compost pile though as things could get messy!

TOP TIP: Add your used coffee grounds to your garden, they are good for roses and also keeping the slugs away!

coffee ground on plants in the garden


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To get the most out of this device, we would recommend a medium to light roast coffee such as Round Hole, Square Peg or Ready, Set, Bananas!. But of course, the choice is completely yours.

Never tried cold brew coffee before? Well, now you can!

Get yourself a Mizudashi Coffee Pot AND a 250g bag of Two Chimps Coffee – Winner!

Cold Brew Pot

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