The upside down Aeropress

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A device that looks nothing like a coffee maker, the Aeropress has fast become a favourite for making coffee. Great for making rich, tasty coffee! You can use the AeroPress the right way, or inverted. This guide is for the inverted Aeropress method. Be careful not to drop it!

To get a little techy, we would recommend a starting ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water for an Aeropress. If this is too strong or too weak for you, change the ratio as needed. As long as you enjoy it, make it however you wish!

An empty inverted aeropress


Let’s go:

To get started with the inverted Aeropress method, you will need:

An Aeropress

A filter paper

A fancy mug

Scrummy coffee

Filtered water if possible. From the tap if not.

Rounded everything up? Let’s start.

Boil your kettle and let it cool for 30/60s.

Grind your awesome coffee. A table salt consistency will do nicely.

Stand the plunger part of your AeroPress on the table, with the rubber bung facing upward. Slide the main body on top and push it down to approximately to the number 4 mark.

Add in your coffee, two heaped tbsp (15g).

An aeropress being filled with coffee


Add your water to the top. You won’t be able to fit quite as much in using the inverted Aeropress method as you would by using the AeroPress the correct way round, as the plunger is taking us some of the space. Stir the top of the liquid.

filling an aeropress with water


Rinse your filter in the filter basket with pre-boiled water. Screw in place on the top of your stack.

Pouring water through an aeropress filter


Here comes the trickiest part… After 1 minute, place your empty mug on top of the stack and keeping one hand on the mug put the other on the Aeropress.

An aeropress with a yellow mug on top


Flip the whole thing back the right way round, with your mug now on the table, and Aeropress sat on top.

An aeropress coffee device


Plunge over 30s.

An aeropress being plunged over a mug


Remove the Aeropress and enjoy, dance and enjoy some more because you’ve just made great coffee using the inverted Aeropress method.

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An aeropress being removed from the mug

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