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The Aeropress


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A device that looks nothing like a coffee maker, the Aeropress has fast become a favourite for making rich, tasty coffee. You can use the AeroPress the right way, or inverted. Both are fun and have their merits, but be careful if using the inverted method that you don’t spill it everywhere! Which will you prefer?

aeropress besides green coffee mug and three bags of Two Chimps coffee


Before you start making coffee with an Aeropress, you will need:

An Aeropress
A filter paper
A fancy Mug
Scrummy coffee
Filtered water if possible. From the tap if not.

Boil your kettle and let it cool for 30/60s.

If needed, grind your favourite coffee to a consistency similar to that of table salt.

Rinse your filter with warm water, either in the filter basket or rinse the whole Aeropress with the filter in.

Pouring water from a swan neck kettle to wet a filter


Place the Aeropress over your mug and add 2 heaped tbsp (15g) of coffee.

Looking down on an aeropress with coffee being added


Pour in 240ml of water. This should nearly fill the Aeropress. Stir the top.

Looking down on an aeropress with a swan neck kettle


Pop the plunger in gently. The ‘suction’ created will stop the coffee dripping through on its own.

Looking down on an aeropress


After 1 minute, plunge the coffee into your mug. The plunging should be done over 30s.

You will notice a hissing noise as you get towards the end of your plunge. If you want a full-bodied, heavier tasting coffee you should plunge until the end allowing any oils present to enter your cup. Alternatively, if you want a cleaner tasting cup, stop plunging as it starts to hiss. Have a play and see which you prefer.

Aeropress and purple mug


Woop Woop. You know the drill. Dance and enjoy!

Do you fancy a coffee with a bit more body and a heavier feel in your mouth? Try using a metal filter to allow more of the coffee oils to drip into your cup.

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An aeropress being lifted off a purple mug


Now you’ve mastered making coffee with an Aeropress the correct way round, let’s make it upside down- sounds crazy right?! See our guide for the inverted Aeropress method.


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