Hand Roasted Speciality Coffee

Two Chimps are on a mission to fill the gap between pod machine coffee drinkers and speciality coffee drinkers by offering fresh, hand roasted speciality coffee straight to your door.







Why ‘two chimps’?

Speciality coffee can be quite daunting. We want to introduce you to better coffee, but in a fun and down to earth way. What is more fun than two chimps?

Love Coffee? So do we!

Our promise is to introduce you to some fantastic coffees. We won’t be preachy, nor will we be snobby, but we will offer all the information needed to help you understand why you love your favourite coffee so much. We want to show you what difference altitude makes to the coffee and what washed, sun-dried and honey mean. You can check out our ‘What is speciality coffee’ page to read more about these tasty beans.


If this seems like information overload, don’t worry. We just want to offer you hand roasted speciality coffee that you will love. You can always find out more information about your coffee by using our Jargon Buster, ‘understanding coffee terminology’ too.

Let’s start with that and see where this journey takes us all. We welcome your feedback and we want you to tell us what you taste. Sure, we will give our opinion, but it is yours that really matters – to us and to others. If we choose your tasting notes for the bag, we will give you free coffee, and lots of it too.

Making the world confusing is bad. Things are confusing enough. With coffees designed to suit the way you want to drink them along with when you drink them, Two Chimps Coffee want to help your morning, noon and night become better than they already are.

Start choosing your hand roasted speciality coffee with help from our coffee wizard.