Keep new coffees coming with Batch Coffee!

Posted by Ellie Loxton on

Keep new coffees coming with Batch Coffee!

Posted by Ellie Loxton on

Look forward to brand new speciality coffees every month with a Batch Coffee box


There are rather a lot of indie coffee roasters in the UK. Somewhere around… 400? And we chimps are proud to be one of them. We’re also super proud to be working with Tom Saxon at Batch, the coffee subscription service bringing all the best small roasteries to coffeeholics like you. Batch coffee boxes are the heaven-sent solution for keen coffee lovers. Each box contains two new coffees from different micro-roasters across the UK and Ireland – that’s right, new coffees every single time! Awesome!



Beginnings of Batch

Tom has been entranced by coffee since he sipped his first espresso aged 15. It wasn’t the best quality brew, but something about the precious ritual of evening coffee captivated Tom and left him thirsty for more. Fast-forward over a few years of okay-ish coffee, and you’ll find Tom and his girlfriend Laura discovering premium speciality coffee in Australia. Tom can still recall his first proper pour over down under – it was the delicious sip that sealed his future.

Tom jumped into the world of speciality coffee by taking a barista – and then roaster – role at one of Sydney’s top speciality coffee shops. He then spent over a year travelling around Latin America and South America to learn more about his beloved beans. It was some gap year – Tom and Laura stopped off at coffee farms in every country they visited!

Back in the UK, Tom worked at a Manchester-based indie roastery before starting Batch Coffee in 2020. Sip sip hooray!



How it works

New artisan coffee every month… Sounds good, doesn’t it? Sounds like the stuff of dreams. So, how does it work?

Setting up your bespoke Batch Coffee subscription is easy. Simply select how often you’d like to receive your coffee delivery (monthly or fortnightly) and choose between whole beans or freshly ground coffee. Then, get excited because new coffees are coming your way! Each (fully recyclable) Batch box arrives happily packed with two luscious coffees from the best small roasters across the UK and Ireland. Find the key info about your coffee on the bag or scan the unique QR code for all the low-down on the roaster and origin. Wanna be a coffee whizz-kid? Here’s how!




Why Batch?

A Batch subscription takes the hassle out of coffee. The variety today is pretty baffling – as Tom notes, there is so much more choice than there was ten years ago – but Batch keeps things straightforward and stress-free. Batch’s caffeine-crazy team pick a coffee pairing you’ll love. The two coffees that arrive in your box are carefully selected to complement each other, giving you the chance to taste their flavours to the full. Comparison is how the pros taste coffee – see, we told you Batch would turn you into a coffee maestro!




Subscribing to Batch also means you’ll be supporting small UK-based businesses like Two Chimps. And we all know this is important in a world where every high street looks the same. Most indie roasteries also emphasize direct trade, ensuring more money makes it back to the coffee farmers and their families. We see this as priority at Two Chimps and always pay between 30 and 150% more than the going rate for our unroasted coffee beans.

What else? You’ll receive some pretty darn good bags of coffee. Perfectly flavourful rather than over-roasted to its eyeballs (we’re looking at you, commodity coffee), indie coffee is the way to go for your best-ever cup!




Two Chimps and Batch – it’s a match!

Batch has collaborated with around 60 roasters to date, with new ones added every two weeks. Tom works closely with each roastery to select the best beans for Batch subscribers. We’re thrilled to feature in Batch’s coffee boxes – did you know Tom included our coffee in one of the first boxes he sent out? We’re a jolly bunch at Two Chimps and Tom quickly built up a genuine relationship with our head chimp Andy. Two Chimps is a ‘welcoming environment’, Tom says. Thanks, Tom! We think you’re awesome as well!




Obligatory coffee question

What’s Tom’s favourite coffee? His death row cup of joe?

“It would have to be a Kenyan coffee made in a V60,” Tom says. Top choice, we think!





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