Meet Matt & His Top Tips For Working From Home

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Meet Matt & His Top Tips For Working From Home

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Hey, I’m Matt, the new ‘Retail & Community Manager’ here at Two Chimps.

I live in Stamford with my partner Katie, our one-year-old daughter Delilah and our Italian Greyhound Luna.



A little about me

I have a keen interest in travel, music and sports and love nothing more than a good walk at Burghley Park with family (a takeout coffee in hand too, obviously) I’ve always had a keen interest in coffee and absolutely love trying out new coffee shops when I travel.

I first found Two Chimps and tried the Coffee last year at Burghley Fine Food Market. Following that, I did a bit more research and in the summer I booked onto a FREE coffee school evening at the roastery in Oakham. I had a great time learning all things coffee with Andy & Laura giving everyone their expert knowledge in coffee, roasting and the different brewing methods.




Me before Two Chimps

Before Two Chimps…I spent 12 years working as an Event Manager, travelling all over the country & Europe running charity and corporate events. I absolutely loved every minute of it, so many great experiences and meeting lots of new people whilst managing an incredible team of 150 part-time staff.

For two years prior to Delilah being born I also worked as a retained Firefighter at Stamford Fire station. Another amazing challenge, experience and insight into a world that I’ve had an interest in for a long time. Working from home and just a couple of minutes away from the station at the time made this possible (and of course…having a very understanding boss)

In 2015 I decided it was time for a change and the timing was right so started working with Katie, planning all retail events and launching her Online Shop ‘Katie Alice’ which has been and continues to be an amazing journey. We now both work from our home office in Stamford and work with a distribution partner in Peterborough, who pick, pack and ship all of our online orders.

Since starting to work with our new distributors in October last year, I’ve found myself with a little more time on my hands and am always looking for a new challenge. Working with Two Chimps seemed like the perfect opportunity.


Working from home

Obviously, both working from home has it’s challenges (especially with a toddler running around). However; the way things are currently, there will be many more families in the same position all over the world.




My role at Two Chimps will include a little working from home so I thought I’d go through a few of my top tips on working from home:


Set your alarm for the same time you would any other working day and stick to your normal morning routine. Shower, get dressed and have breakfast as if you’re heading out to the office. Don’t be tempted to keep those PJs on. A normal routine will help you to separate your work time and home time mentally.


You could use your normal commute time as a time to exercise. Get out for a quick run or take the dog for a walk around the park.

Food and Drink

Do not be tempted to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at your desk, keep them separate. Just get some nice healthy snacks to keep you going and a big refillable bottle full of fresh water on your desk. Oh and don’t forget the regular Two Chimps Coffee breaks.


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Music and Podcasts

Not for everyone but I struggle to get anything done without them these days. Create some playlists on Spotify or stick on 6 music to help you concentrate.


No screens for at least an hour before you go to bed, try reading a book or using a meditation app. You’ll notice a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.




I’m really excited to get going with the new role now working with  Andy, Laura and Vic.

Keep safe and I hope to meet you all at the roastery sometime soon!