Meet The Team

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Meet The Team

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Hi, we’re the team here at Two Chimps Coffee.

Although we are a small team, we all work hard to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether that’s getting your coffee out to you, updating you on our socials or giving you some coffee related advice over the phone.

So, without further ado, please meet the team!

What’s your name, and where do you come from?

Suzanne, Kettering.

Joe, Stamford.

Trevor, Oakham.

Andy, Oakham.

Laura, Ely.



What’s your role here at Two Chimps Coffee?

Suzanne – I’m the latest chimp, and I make sure you guys get your coffee by fulfilling the orders we get each day.

Joe – I make sure you are all kept up to date on the latest Two Chimps news through our social media, newsletters and our website.

Trevor – When our coffee has been roasted, I package the coffee into our retail bags so Suzanne can then complete the orders.

Andy – I’m responsible for the coffee side of things and making sure that our coffee is the best it can be. This involves sourcing and buying green coffee, collecting the green coffee, roasting and then delivering.

Laura – I look after our customers. I’m responsible for contacting our wholesale customers to make sure they always have enough coffee and to help with any queries they may have. I also answer the phone, make phone calls and reply to emails. I help pack all of the coffee orders too. Lastly, I assist Joe with our social media and marketing.



What’s your favourite thing about Two Chimps Coffee?

Suzanne – I used to be an ‘instant’ girl, but since being introduced to Two Chimps, I no longer buy instant. I was a huge fan before I started working here. I came to a coffee school, and that’s where my journey began. My favourite thing about Two Chimps Coffee is the lessons I’m learning.

Joe – The fact that each day is different and that it comes with its own set of challenges. I also love the relationship we have with all our customers.

Trevor – Toasted sarnies.

Andy – That we do our bit for the world. We pay our farmers a little bit extra, which means they can improve aspects of their lives. And on the other side, we make people happy every day when they drink our coffee.

Laura – That we get to meet our customers and build friendships with them through our coffee courses. I also love sharing my knowledge to give others a better understanding of awesome coffee.



What’s your favourite coffee, and why?

Suzanne – Currently, my favourite coffee is ‘Round Hole, Square Peg’. When you open the bag, the aroma hits you and smells amazing! I enjoy it first thing in the morning and for afternoon tea.

Joe – ‘Box of Frogs’ is my current favourite. It’s so creamy, and the smell is amazing! I could drink it all day every day.

Trevor – N/A, I like tea.

Andy – My favourite coffee at the moment is ‘Professionally Unprofessional’ I love the sweet, jam-like acidity and the slight chocolate hint which brings it all together.

Laura – It’s got to be ‘The Kittens Onesie’. I love coffees with a chocolaty smooth taste, so this coffee is a winner for me.



Your favourite brewing device?

Suzanne – I have a Cafetiere at home, but since having a nitro coffee at work, I might have to pop one on my birthday list!

Joe – I love using the Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot as I find it so satisfying to watch the coffee being extracted. And the taste of the coffee it produces is amazing!

Trevor – Kettle as it boils water.

Andy – An Espresso Machine.

Laura – An Aeropress.

Tea or Coffee?

Suzanne – Coffee. I don’t like tea.

Joe – I love coffee, but sometimes you just can’t beat a cup of tea.

Trevor – Tea.

Andy – Usually it’s coffee but if I’ve had one too many, I’ve got to go with tea.

Laura – I’d have to agree with Andy.



Rich Tea or Chocolate Hobnob?

Suzanne – Chocolate Hobnob dipped in coffee.

Joe – Chocolate Hobnob – obviously.

Trevor – Chocolate Rich Tea.


Laura – The Chocolate Hobnob wins everytime.

Ibiza or Tenerife?

Suzanne – Ibiza.

Joe – Ibiza.

Trevor – Ibiza.

Andy – Ibiza – Woop Woop!

Laura – Ibiza.



Walk or Cycle?

Suzanne – Walk.

Joe – Cycle.

Trevor – Cycle.

Andy – Cycle.

Laura – Walk.

Netflix or Cinema?

Suzanne – Netflix.

Joe – Cinema.

Trevor – Netflix.

Andy – Netflix.

Laura – Netlfix.



Book or Kindle?

Suzanne – Book.

Joe – Book.

Trevor – Book.

Andy – Book.

Laura – Book.

Radio One or Radio Two?

Suzanne – Radio Two.

Joe – Would have been Radio One but have since been converted to Radio Two while listening at work.

Trevor – Radio Two.

Andy – It used to be Radio One, but as I have got older I have migrated over to Radio Two.

Laura – Radio Two.



If you had £1k, what would you do with it?

Suzanne – I would go on a city break, coffee, wine and cake included. I’d also have a little shopping spree.

Although in reality, having three kids… pffft it would be gone instantly!

Joe – I’d probably end up spending it all on trainers…

Trevor – Give it to the wife! Obviously, my answer has been hijacked. I would share it with my two lads – Not!

Andy – Take the family away for the weekend.

Laura – Have a party, hire a band and maybe have a few too many.

Coffee Shop or Coffee at home?

Suzanne – Coffee at home when I manage to drink a hot one…

Joe – Coffee Shop.

Trevor – Tea at home.

Andy – Coffee Shop.

Laura – Coffee Shop if they serve good coffee, coffee at home if they don’t.



Favourite Saying?

Suzanne – ‘I can only please one person per day. Today’s not your day and tomorrow doesn’t look good either.’

Joe – ‘Life’s too short, make the most of it.’

Trevor – ‘I’ll be up the flue in a minute or two.’

Andy – ‘It’s not how much you make, it’s how you make it.’

Laura – ‘All good in the hood.’

Something about your parents – anything at all.

Suzanne – Wherever my Mum goes, she leaves a trail of tissues.

Joe – I’m their favourite.

Trevor – They’re both older than me.

Andy – They listen to Northern Soul.

Laura – My Mum has the same size feet as a child.



Tell me something you learned last week.

Suzanne – That Winter has come…

Joe – There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on our planet.

Trevor – How to put a cat flap in a solid brick wall.

Andy – How to make a Nitro coffee.

Laura – How to make gingerbread men.



What do you hate doing?

Suzanne – Washing clothes. A household of five makes it endless!

Joe – Washing and cleaning my car.

Trevor – Washing cars (and vans).

Andy – Loading/unloading the dishwasher.

Laura – Gardening.

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Suzanne – An avocado thingy.

Joe – Pizza cutter.

Trevor – Unsliced bread.

Andy – The locks on canals.

Laura – The cheese slice.



If you could invent one thing, what would it be?

Suzanne – A machine that picked up and tidied the toys away.

Joe – A device which allowed me to teleport wherever I wanted.

Trevor – A telephone hotline that didn’t keep you on hold for 45 minutes.

Andy – Coffee that was grown naturally decaffeinated.

Laura – Something to get Andy out of bed in the morning.

Well, there you go, you have now met the team behind Two Chimps Coffee!

Never tried our coffee before? Well, What are you waiting for? Head over to our shop and grab a bag of coffee today!


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