Biscoff Iced Latte: how to make the latest summer coffee at home

Move aside Dalgona coffee. Summer 2021 is all about the Biscoff iced latte!

Biscoff iced latte with shortbread biscuit


Crazy for Biscoff Coffee

We love a good foodie craze. Take baked oats, breakfast boards and banana bread; they all had us hitting ‘like’ last year. But coffee trends – these are the ones we like best!

This summer looks to be all about the Biscoff iced latte. Sweet, caramelly and impossibly irresistible, this homemade iced coffee is sending us to heaven and beyond. Oh my, it’s absurdly good – can it keep trending, pleeeese?


The forecast? Biscoff iced coffees all round

The weatherman can say what he likes: we’re making iced coffee come rain or shine. Cool, light and oh-so drinkable, iced coffees are all we want this summer. We sometimes savour our lush iced coffee au naturel – just espresso, ice and milk – or spoil ourselves to a syrup-swirled summer coffee.

But now we’re not sure about either, because we’ve tasted a homemade Biscoff iced latte! You’ll find all the sweetness of a coffee syrup, but with a flavour that’s far more authentic. Caramelised biscuit notes with rich coffee and ice-cold milk? Enough said.

The Biscoff iced latte recipe went viral after the @7amcoffeeclub shared a video on TikTok. This sweet drink-cum-dessert is easy to perfect and utterly delicious. We think it tastes a bit like flapjack and cold milk in drinkable form.

Summer biscoff coffee with straw on blue cloth


Biscoff Spread: what are you?

No one can escape Biscoff spread. From fudge to frosting, blondies to breadsticks, you can treat pretty much anything to a Biscoff makeover. Of course, you can also be a purist and enjoy it straight from the pot. A happy union of you, teaspoon (well, tablespoon…) and jar…

The original idea for Biscoff spread came from the Biscoff-loving Belgians, who were crumbling or spreading their dunked Lotus biscuits onto bread. Then, in 2007, one clever cookie entered ‘The Inventors’ with a ready-made Lotus spread, which the biscuit company soon made into reality.

We wondered if there was a special reason why we love Biscoff spread so, so much. And it turns out there is! Because the name ‘Biscoff’ is a combination of ‘biscuit’ and ‘coffee’! You see: anything connected to coffee is a winner!

Iced latte from above with jar of Biscoff spread on blue cloth


How to make a Biscoff Iced Latte at home

You will need:

  • Around 1 tbsp Smooth Biscoff Spread
  • Some lovely coffee (dark roasts are particularly scrummy, but feel free to experiment!)
  • Ice
  • Milk of your choice
Biscoff iced latte ingredients


Put a scoop (around 1 tbsp) of Biscoff spread in your glass.

Putting Biscoff spread in glass for Biscoff iced latte


Pour over a hot espresso or coffee of your choice. You should have around 100ml in total, but no need to be too pernickety.

Mix to combine.

Pouring coffee over Biscoff spread


Fill up another glass with ice and pour over your cold milk.

Pouring milk over ice cubes for Biscoff iced latte


Finally, pour over your coffee.


Stir and enjoy!

Iced latte with metal straw, coffee beans and jar of Biscoff spread


A glass of sweet luxury that’s just right for summer! Do you need some coffee to get you started with your latte-ing? Head over to our online coffee shop!


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