How to make the Ultimate Chocolate Coffee Desserts

Introducing… Chocolate Coffee Desserts.

These chocolate coffee desserts are not only a tasty treat, they are also a show stopping finale to your already amazing dinner party!

What could be better than a sweet treat followed by an amazing cup of freshly brewed Two Chimps Coffee at the end of a dinner party?

Here you will find our step by step guide showing you how to make the ultimate chocolate coffee dessert.


A Coffee and Chocolate dessert with a spoon

The beauty of these desserts is that they can be made the day before and finished just before your guests arrive.

The ingredients for your chocolate coffee desserts are simply:

200g Dark Chocolate, 100ml of strong brewed coffee, 4-6 tbsp of coffee liqueur and 250ml of double cream.

You can get really fancy by using a little extra cream whipped with sugar to decorate and even a few chocolate covered coffee beans to really show off!

Wash your paws and pop your fashionable and practical, apron on.
1. Pour your cream into a saucepan and bring to the boil.

A saucepan of cream being heated on the stove
2. In the meantime, smash up your chocolate, make a mess everywhere and get in trouble with your partner! Next, clean up the mess whilst scoffing a few cubes of chocolate whilst thinking… “I’m sure the recipe will work with less”

Melting chocolate in a saucepan of cream
3. Once the cream has boiled, add the chocolate to your cream along with the coffee and liqueur.

Pouring coffee into a saucepan of melting chocolate and cream
4. Keep on a low heat until all of the chocolate has melted.

A saucepan of melted cream, chocolate and coffee

5. Now your mixture is smooth, divide into 6 espresso cups, small glasses or one big bowl for yourself! Pop in the fridge whilst you sleep and dream of becoming a millionaire and saving the world.

pouring chocolate coffee pud's into 6 colourfull espresso mugs
six espresso mugs full of chocolate coffee pud'sLooking over the top of six espresso cups filled with chocolate coffee pud's
Before your guests arrive, you can decorate the tops of your chocolate coffee desserts by whipping a little sugar and cream together to create a cappuccino-like topping. You can even add chocolate covered coffee beans- or anything else that takes your fancy.

Chocolate covered coffee beans with whipped cream on chocolate coffee pud's
Once dessert is finished, and whilst your guests are commenting on how awesome your dessert was, brew some coffee in a Chemex, Filter or Cafetiere. Then pour their coffee into the empty (but still chocolatey) espresso cups for an after-dinner coffee with a twist.

Adding coffee to a chemex square filter
Ohhhh yeah – You rule!

After your guests have left – do a happy dance and congratulate yourself on how awesome you are…High Five!

If you would like to learn more about making great coffee, check out our brew guides for making coffee.

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