Christmas Coffee Recipe: put the merriment in your mug!

It’s Christmas morning. The lights are twinkling, the snow is falling, and the sweet smell of coffee is wafting through the house…

Yes, we know it’s a bit picture perfect and Xmas morn is way more hectic in real life. Cat trying to eat sticky tape? Grandparents wanting to take over in the kitchen? Dad still trying to work out who Beryl and Bernie are (you’ve received a card from them…)? All of the above, most probably.

But you know that last bit we mentioned before? The part about coffee aromas floating through your house? That can be reality. And we’re going to make it happen! So grab a French Press and raid the spice rack because we’ve got a spiced Christmas coffee recipe everyone will love.

Even Beryl and Bernie.



What flavours make a Christmas coffee recipe so special?

The festivities aren’t defined by one flavour, but several. It’s the failsafe medley that lies at the heart of any good Christmas cake or figgy pudding recipe. Sweet, slightly citrusy cinnamon, warming nutmeg and punchy ground ginger – you’ll probably have them in your cupboard already. We’ve used a cinnamon stick here for fresh flavours and aesthetic delight (so Nigella), but you could always use 1 tsp of ground cinnamon instead. No problem.

Orange zest makes a starring appearance in many a festive bake, and we love the fresh flavour it brings to this Christmas coffee recipe. It cuts through the sweetness of the cream and the rich earthiness of the spices to give a fabulously festive brew.



A simple winter coffee recipe

There’s enough to do in the kitchen at Christmas, so we’ve kept this spiced coffee recipe nice and easy. The method is the same as you use for your standard cafetiere coffee, just with a few seasonal ingredients joining in the fun. The cream topping is optional, too, so don’t worry if you’ve run out (or aren’t fancying cream after all that trifle). It does add an extra layer of indulgence, though, so we’d definitely recommend the sacrifice.

Or, maybe you are looking for a booze-free but just-as-sophisticated alternative to mulled wine? Here it is.



Turn it into cold brew Christmas coffee

This Christmas coffee recipe can be cold! Flavourful and naturally sweet, cold brew coffee is perfect all year round. Simply place the same ingredients in your cafetiere and top with cold water rather than hot. Then, leave in the fridge to steep overnight. Plunge when it’s time for coffee, pour over ice and add a little milk if desired. Delish!

Why not make yourself a batch of spiced cold brew to enjoy throughout the Christmas week? It’ll keep in the fridge for seven days.



Looking for Christmas coffee beans already packed with festive flavours? Then try our limited-edition Christmas coffee! Bursting with chocolate and sweet marzipan notes, a bag MERRY CHIMPMAS is all you need to say ‘Happy Christmas’, coffee style.

Like a Pig in Pyjamas is another winter-ready coffee your mug will love. Chocolate and toffee sweetness do a jingle around cosy flavours of dried fruit and fig in this lovely Honduran coffee.


But back to your homemade Christmas coffee. Pop the kettle on and let’s get brewing!


  • 25g coffee
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 6 or 7 strips of fresh orange zest
  • 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1 teaspoon ground mixed spice
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • Cream or squirty cream (optional)


Let’s make Christmas Coffee (yippee!). Place all the ingredients in a large cafetiere.



Pour over 500ml of recently boiled water and add the lid.



Wait for two minutes, then give it a stir.



Wait two more minutes before plunging.

cafetiere with plunger down


Leave it for around two more minutes, depending on the strength of coffee you prefer, before pouring it into your favourite mug.

Top with a swirl of cream and finish with a little finely zested orange. Merry Christmas, coffee lovers!

Christmas coffee topped with cream in a glass beaker besides tealight, gold beads and cinnamon stick


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