Coffee overnight oats

Make mornings flavour-packed and oh-so healthy with this coffee overnight oats recipe!


Caffeinate your breakfast oats with our make-ahead coffee overnight oats recipe. This six-ingredient recipe is simple to make and upgrades classic oats with a tasty coffee twist! Learn how to make coffee overnight oats, and you’ll forever be a morning person…

Coffee overnight oats in a white mug with teaspoon


What are coffee overnight oats?

If you’ve been anywhere near Instagram over the past few years, you’ll know that overnight oats are BIG business. We’re talking cornflake contender kind of stuff here.

Overnight oats are simply oats and liquid mixed together and left to soak in the fridge overnight. This makes them easier to digest and lovely and creamy. It also gives you the best-ever grab-and-go breakfast to kick start your morning. Go you!

Once you’ve got to grips with how to make coffee overnight oats, you can move on to the best bit – personalisation! You can adapt your oats in countless ways. Spices for winter, frozen berries for summer… and coffee for, well, every season.


Overhead shot of coffee overnight oats with teaspoons and Two Chimps coasters


Sooo… can I add COFFEE to my oats?

Yes – you can add coffee to overnight oats! Oat aficionados soak their oats in various liquids, from coconut milk to cranberry juice, so why not coffee? Don’t want it missing out on the latest trend now, do we?

Adding coffee to your oats gives them a luscious, rich flavour and extra caffeine hit. We’ve used milk in this recipe to make sure they don’t disappoint on texture, and chia seeds to help the mixture thicken.



Remember that bit about overnight oat possibilities being endless? Well, let me introduce you to coffee overnight oatmeal and its limitless new flavours! Because each time you try a new coffee in your oat soak, you’ll experience a different coffee flavour. Light roast coffees bring a bright acidity; dark roasts give a classic roasty taste… 7am has never been so scrumptious!


Bowl of coffee oatmeal topped with espresso beans beside half a piece of toast with butter


Are coffee overnight oats healthy?

Take a look at your coffee overnight oats ingredients. It’s music to the ears of any doctor…


The humble oat. It’s the small superhero with a powerhouse of health benefits. Packed with fibre (90% of us don’t get enough fibre, did you know?) and chock-full with vitamins and minerals, healthy oats will keep you energised all morning. Scientists have also found them to help lower blood pressure and reduce the bad kind of cholesterol, too.


Whether you go for dairy or a plant-based alternative, no doctor is going to say no to milk. Cow’s milk is high in calcium and a good source of (are you ready?) potassium, protein, vitamin B12, iodine, magnesium and more. Each milk alternative brings a different set of nutrients, so do a bit of research before deciding on the best one for you.


Chia seeds

Small but oh-so-strong, chia seeds thicken your oats while giving it one almighty health kick. Alongside their gold-star protein content, these little black seeds are a top source of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.


The scientists know that coffee can sit proudly in a healthy lifestyle. As well as tasting top-notch, coffee is high in antioxidants and a good source of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). Studies also show that drinking coffee can help to keep your heart healthy, your brain active and your risk of liver disease nice and low. Great stuff!

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Can I eat my coffee overnight oats warm?

Feeling a bit chilly this morning? In need of something warm? No fear – you can eat your coffee oats warm! Simply spoon your oats into a microwavable bowl and cook for around two minutes. All the easy digestibility of soaked oats, just warm. Gorgeous!


Bowl of coffee porridge beside blueberries and piece of toast and butter


How long will they keep in the fridge?

Overnight oats… the original superstar of meal prep success.

Make double/triple/quadruple/whatever five times something is and enjoy caffeinated oats all week! Overnight oatmeal keeps for five days in the fridge, so why not whip some up on a Sunday night and look forward to ready-made deliciousness in the morning? The days of missed breakfast are gone, my friends, they really are.

Coffee overnight oats topped with yoghurt in glass jar with teaspoon and Two Chimps coffee tin


Just make sure you store your oats in a bowl or tub with a lid to prevent them from taking on any flavours from foods already in the fridge.

Also (just so you know), your overnight oats will be much softer and creamier by day four or five. This is ideal if you prefer something more Ready Brek-style, but if you like porridge with a bit of oaty texture, you might be better making smaller batches and only storing for a day or two.

Storing for a bit longer? Don’t fret if the liquid starts to separate from the oats after a few days – just give it a quick stir before tucking in!


Taking a spoonful of coffee overnight oats with a white plastic teaspoon


Mix things up… coffee oats adaptations!

More twists! More customisations! Oh, we do know how to treat you…

Tailor this make-ahead recipe to suit your tastes. Check out our ideas:

  • Make it vegan by simply switching the milk and yoghurt to your fave dairy-free alternatives and using maple syrup or agave in place of the honey.
  • Make mocha overnight oats by mixing in a tbsp of cocoa powder before leaving to soak in the fridge. Then top with chunks of chocolate (what else?)
  • Get your favourite consistency by adding a little less milk for thicker oats and a little more (or some water) for a thinner consistency.
  • Up the protein by adding a tbsp of nut butter or a scoop of your go-to protein powder. Vanilla or chocolate would be ace!


Oats beside Two Chimps mug filled with milk


How to make coffee overnight oats

  • 50g rolled oats
  • 80ml brewed coffee
  • 150ml milk
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • Good drizzle honey


Ingredients for Coffee Overnight Oats



Place all of the ingredients in a clean jam jar or bowl and mix until fully combined.



Coffee overnight oats ingredients in a glass bowl


Cover, and pop in the fridge overnight.

Bowl of coffee overnight oats sitting on the top shelf in the fridge


The following day, remove your oats from the fridge, add your favourite toppings and enjoy!

Coffee overnight oats in a jar with cream on top


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Glass of coffee smoothie with bananas


Coffee smoothie!

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