Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Latte

21st June 2022

Make the perfect iced latte at home with The Yard’s cold brew coffee ice cubes recipe!




‘We love an iced coffee made with cold brew ice cubes,’ says Aimee Swift at The Yard in Stamford. And so do the chimps!

Like really, really love it.

Making cold brew ice cubes for iced lattes is easy. Simply make your cold brew, freeze it into cubes, and combine in a glass with hot milk. And there you have it: a delicious, perfectly balanced and definitely-not-watery iced latte!

That’s your new summer coffee recipe all sorted!

Two Chimps Coffee at The Yard

The Yard is a quirky indoor soft play centre and cafe in Stamford, Lincolnshire. It’s playtime heaven for under sevens: a safe space brimming with pastel-toned playgrounds, fun equipment and plenty of games.

All this fun needs fuel of the best sort… the Two Chimps Coffee sort! The lovely café at The Yard offers a delicious menu featuring grilled cheese sandwiches, cute cakes and freshly roasted Two Chimps coffee. The team delight parents and carers with their coffee-based drinks menu, which now features summer-ready iced coffees made with these awesome cold brew ice cubes!




What are Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cubes?

Cold brew coffee ice cubes are simply ice cubes made with cold brew rather than water. You don’t need any special equipment to get started – just a regular ice cube tray and a freezer!

Why make Iced Lattes with Ice Cubes?

Are you LOVING LIFE with the first half of your iced latte…    😄

…and sipping on a watery woe during the second?     😟

Melted ice cubes are one of the main causes of watery iced coffee. As the ice melts, it increases the amount of water in your iced coffee and dilutes the coffee taste. Uber hot day? The kind that makes you melt, never mind your ice cubes? Then you need a way to prevent watery iced coffee!

And that, friends, is where these cold brew ice cubes come in. Make your ice with cold brew coffee rather than water, and you’re guaranteed a full-flavoured summer coffee that lasts beyond the first sip.

At The Yard Soft play in Stamford, they make this iced coffee with milk that is warm rather than cold. This encourages the ice to melt, giving you the perfect amount of coffee and milk! At the perfect temperature. And on a hot day that’s just… perfect.




The Yard’s Aimee tells us that…

Serving this with hot milk might sound odd, but when poured over ice the milk quickly cools to the perfect temperature.

We prefer to serve our coffee with full fat milk as it’s sweeter and creamier, but you can make this coffee with any alternative milk.


Cold Brew Ice Cubes Ingredients

For the Easy Coffee Ice Cubes

Step 1

Tip 50g of freshly ground Two Chimps Coffee into your cafetiere and add 400ml of cold water. Give it a stir and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours (with the plunger up).

Step 2

Press the plunger down after 24 hours.

Step 3

Pour the cold brew coffee into your ice cube tray and place in the freezer.

For the Iced Latte

Step 1

Take a handful of the cold brew cubes (around eight is ideal for a small flat white cup) and pop them in your cup.

Step 2

Prefer sweeter coffee? Add a dash of sugar syrup or flavoured coffee syrup. At The Yard, caramel coffee syrup is a favourite!

Step 3

Heat the milk to 70 degrees (just like you would for a standard coffee). You can do this in the microwave, on the stove or using the steam wand on an espresso machine.

Step 4

Pour the heated milk over your coffee ice cubes. They will melt into the milk to give you the perfect iced coffee!




For more scrummy summer coffee ideas (fancy this AWESOME Iced White Mocha?), head over to our recipe file!



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