Dalgona Coffee Recipe with Real Coffee

These frothy, whipped coffee and milk drinks were first discovered from a post on TikTok back in February 2020, originating in South Korea.


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This coffee has fast become the trendiest coffee on the planet. It’s also known as ‘quarantine coffee’; due to its rise in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We just had to give it a try! #dalgonacoffeechallenge

Dalgona Coffees


Now…the original is made using just four ingredients; instant coffee (I can’t believe we just said those two words together in a Two Chimps recipe :-)) sugar, water and milk.

We obviously tried replacing the instant coffee immediately!

We tried to make it with some freshly roasted and brewed Two Chimps Coffee instead. We used our new coffee from Peru ‘Do Bees Have Knees?’ and decided to brew a super strong coffee using the AeroPress Coffee Maker.

Pouring kettle and aeropress


Unfortunately though, not through want of trying (whisking for 20mins), without the ‘magic Ingredient’ of instant coffee the mixture just doesn’t foam up as it should.?

We gave in and had to add a little bit of the instant stuff in the end. The results were soooooooo much better than using instant coffee alone though!

Whisking Dalgona Coffee


It’s a drink with very simple ingredients and the results are well worth the whisking time.

You can use an electric or manual whisk, but if you go with the manual option just be prepared to whisk for some time…it took us a good 10 minutes manually whisking.

Whisking Dalgona coffee mix


The Dalgona can be made hot or cold, and we went with the cold option now that the sun’s out. It makes the perfect summer drink. If you would like to try the hot version, make sure you’re using heatproof glasses, warm your milk through in a pan or if you have an espresso machine with the steam wand, and don’t add the ice.

Dalgona Coffee and oat milk


For the Two Chimps Dalgona Coffee you will need;

The Recipe

  • 2tbsp strong AeroPress brewed Two Chimps coffee
  • 1tbsp instant coffee granules
  • 2tbsp caster sugar
  • Hand or electric whisk
  • 2 clear glasses
  • Milk of your choice, for serving (We tried both Oat and full-fat Cows Milk)
  • Ice, for serving
Aeropress and pouring kettle

First, brew your coffee using the AeroPress, if you don’t have one at home a double shot of espresso or strong coffee will do the trick. Using the AeroPress we added two tablespoons of coffee and then added boiled water (leave the boiled kettle for 30secs before pouring) just above the marked number 3, leave for 1 minute and then plunge for 20seconds.

Brewing Coffee using the Aeropress


Once your coffee has brewed, add two tablespoons of the coffee liquid, the instant coffee & sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk away. The coffee mixture gradually becomes creamier the more you whisk, keep going until you get soft peaks…don’t give up ?

Did we mention…this can take some time if doing manually but it will eventually come together and when it does you will be amazed at the end product, a smooth glistening coffee cream that tastes like nothing you’ve tried before.

Dalgona Coffee foam


Fill your glass with ice straight from the freezer and half fill with your milk of choice. You can use whichever milk you prefer, we tried with both Oat and Cows milk and both were delicious…yum yum

Glasses filled with ice

To finish, spoon the glistening coffee mixture over your milk, give it a stir and dive in! Most importantly making sure that it looks good enough for your latest TikTok or Instagram post… Obviously!

Dalgona Coffees with ice

Just to add even more showbiz to the most popular drink around you could also try adding your favourite flavoured coffee syrup to the mixture or, even better… your favourite tipple. Another tried and tested method here at Two Chimps HQ is to add the foam to top off your Espresso Martinis…but not until at least 11 am :-).

Dalgona Coffees ready to drink


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Give it a go and let us know how you get on. If you take any photos, please tag them with @twochimpscoffee or #twochimpscoffee and yours might be selected to win a free bag of coffee in our monthly draw.

If you’ve not yet tried our new coffee from Peru, hit the link below to buy from our online shop.

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