How to make an Espresso Martini

Imagine you’re a famous super model (naturally), and you walk into a bar in London in the 80’s. You may have even been sporting the shoulder pad, perm look- who knows! The bartender asks ‘what you would like to drink?’ You’re a bit drunk, and you reply with “something to wake me up and f**k me up.” The bartender smiles and accepts the challenge. Little did you know that you had encouraged the legend that is Dick Bradsell to create, some say, the best cocktail of all time, the espresso martini.

Introducing… The Espresso Martini!

a cocktail glass with espresso martini and liquor in the background


Along with being delicious, this totally awesome wake-me-up cocktail gives you the kick up the bum to continue dancing, like the dance guru you always knew you were, all night long! The original recipe is a simplistic masterpiece.

So you want to know how to make an espresso martini eh? Read on, we shall show you.

looking over a martini glass and cocktail set

How to make an espresso martini.

Ingredients per cocktail:

-50ml Vodka

-25ml Coffee Liqueur (Dick originally mixed this up using half Kahlua and half Tia Maria)

-25ml Hot Strong Espresso


-Sugar Syrup to taste

-Three coffee beans to garnish representing; Happiness, Health and Wealth.

You will also need a cocktail shaker, a strainer and some martini glasses.

Add your ingredients to your shaker, omitting the beans for the garnish.

After securing the lid, shake well over 20 seconds.

Give it a tap to loosen the lid.

Pour the contents evenly between your martini glasses.

Garnish with coffee beans.


looking down on an espresso martini with 3 coffee beans

Then we dance!

So there we have it, how to make an espresso martini in a nutshell.

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