How To Make Coffee Ice Cubes

How To Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Fancy a really cool iced coffee? Don’t panic. We have a few solutions for you.

The first is to add your ice in last.

Follow our ‘How To Make Iced Coffee’ for the perfect recipe.

Jump to ice cubes?

If you would like your iced coffee to have a little more punch, or prefer to pop your ice cubes in first, then let us teach you how to make coffee ice cubes, and you’ll have a great tasting iced coffee every time!


learn how to make coffee ice cubes


As well as making your iced coffee taste amazing, coffee ice cubes are great for something else…

If you have an area of swelling on your body, gently rub it with some coffee ice cubes. Coffee is great for your blood circulation, so pop a coffee ice cube on the swelled area and watch it simply disappear! To find out more about the benefits of coffee, check out our blog Are there really Health Benefits to drinking Coffee?


To begin

You will need


Freshly Ground Coffee

A brewing method of your choice

Boiled water

Adding coffee to a V60 coffee maker


Right then, let’s crack on.

First things first, you’ll need to brew your coffee. Do this however you prefer.


A V60 coffee maker with coffee and water

Next, grab an ice cube tray and carefully fill however many segments of the tray as you wish. Be careful not to spill any; you don’t want that coffee going to waste!







coffee ice cubes in an ice tray


Next, put the ice tray back in the freezer. Leave to freeze.



coffee ice cubes in an ice tray


When your coffee ice cubes are nearly ready, make a start on your iced coffee. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered.

Head over to our ‘How To Make Iced Coffee’ guide where you’ll find all the information you need!



coffee ice cubes in a glass

Once your cubes are frozen, all that’s left to do is take your coffee cubes out of the freezer and place them in your glass ready to enjoy with your coffee.


pouring coffee in a glass with ice cubes

And that’s it! A straightforward guide on how to make coffee ice cubes that will make your iced coffee all the better.

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