How to make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

How to make cold brew coffee.

Picture the scene. You awake on one of our few hot days of the year and remember from last year “an iced cold coffee would be just the ticket right now”. Let’s fix this scenario by showing you how to make cold brew coffee. We’ve put together a simple guide to show you how you can make it in your cafetiere or filter device.

looking on top of a glass of cold brew coffee and ice
You will need:

A container to hold your coffee in the fridge or your cafetiere.

Coarsely ground coffee.

Water (Filtered if possible but tap if not).

A coffee filter.

Ice and/or milk.

Sugar syrup to taste (optional).

Gathered everything? Yaaay exciting- Let’s go!

Quick tip:

We recommend doubling your normal coffee to water ratio.

For example- let’s say we are going to use our cafetiere to make cold brew coffee. Now normally, for a hot cafetiere we would suggest a ratio of 1:20 and therefore put 50g of coffee into a 1 litre cafetiere. For cold brew in a cafetiere, we would add 100g of coarsely ground coffee, a ratio of 1:10.

The method for cold brew in a cafetiere or filter is as follows:

-Add your coffee to your cafetiere or container, doubling your usual ratio as mentioned above.

-Top up with your cold water.

-Stir your coffee, making sure all of the grounds are wet.

a cafetiere filled with coffee and cold water

-Cover and pop in the fridge for up to 24 hours. The longer you leave it, the stronger it will be.

-When ready, if you used a cafetiere, plunge first and then pour through a filter if needed.

-If you used a container, pour your coffee through a filter to catch all of the coffee grinds.

And it’s as easy as that. Now we have the base for our cold brew coffee drinks.

a galss with ice and cold brew coffee


To make cold brew to suit your taste, dilute it with water, milk, ice or a mixture of these.

Depending on how strong you like your coffee will depend on how much to dilute. As a guide try 50/50 and see how it takes your fancy!

To make your cold brew a little sweeter, try adding sugar syrup into the mix.

Now you’ve mastered how to make cold brew coffee, master other coffee related tasks on our coffee lovers blog.

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