How to make Espresso Jelly

Jelly is an absolute classic dessert. Add a bit of ice cream to it, and you’ll be in dessert heaven.

We thought that if we combine this awesome dessert with coffee, we’d be onto a winner.

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As if espresso jelly wasn’t enough, we used espresso vodka in this recipe too. This comes from the awesome people at Two Birds who make their espresso spirit using Two Chimps Coffee. Head over to the Two Birds website to get your hands on some and to find out more.

We used espresso coffee in this recipe so the jelly would have a strong flavour and would mix well with the espresso vodka.

6 small mugs filled with espresso vodka jelly




Two double americanos – 580ml in total
• 25 g of granulated sugar
• A whole pack (12g) of Gelatine Powder
• Two shots (70ml) of espresso vodka

two birds espresso vodka with two mugs and some bowls



To start, make your coffee as you normally would, then combine your coffee and sugar in a saucepan. Bring the mixture almost to the boil gently.

saucepan on a hob


While this is heating, make up your gelatine mixture as per its instructions, using as little hot water as possible to dissolve the gelatine.

Take your saucepan off the heat and pour in your gelatine mixture. Stir well until dissolved.

stirring espresso jelly in a saucepan


When your mixture has cooled, add in your espresso vodka. If you were to add your espresso vodka while the saucepan was heating up, the flavours would be gone.

Carefully pour the mixture into serving cups and chill until set.

When your jelly has set, top with whipped cream or ice cream and a coffee bean, or leave just as they are (as we did).

6 small mugs of espresso jelly

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Try making espresso vodka jellies at home, and you will find that these jellies have a subtle sweetness which mixes great with the espresso. The vodka produces an excellent aftertaste which again is subtle, but gives the dessert a little bit of a kick.

This recipe is super quick and easy to follow and would make an impressive dessert at any meal.

6 small mugs sitting on a table


Ready to impress your friends with your dessert making skills but don’t have any coffee? Head over to our shop, then get in the kitchen and have a go at making espresso vodka jelly.

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