How to make Iced Coffee

It’s a hot day, you still need your caffeine, but a hot drink just isn’t going to cut it – sound familiar?

Or perhaps you run an awesome business and serve coffee to customers.

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This Iced Coffee is a great alternative to hot coffee on a warm day, and the best bit is – you already have all of the ingredients!

In this guide, we will show you how to make an iced coffee – your favourite drink, only cold!

Looking from above at a glass of cold coffee with ice


To make Iced Coffee you will need:

A glass


Espresso (or a double shot of strong hot coffee)



Let’s do this

First add 2 teaspoons of sugar into your glass. We used demerara sugar when we made ours.

Add sugar to a tall coffee glass


Next you need to add your coffee.

If you are using an espresso machine, pour a double shot straight from the machine into your glass. As the coffee is hot, it will dissolve your sugar into the coffee.

Looking from above at a shot of espresso pouring into a tall coffee glass from an espresso machine


If you don’t have an espresso machine, brew a shot of very strong, hot coffee, using your chosen device then follow the same steps as above.

Give your coffee and sugar a stir to combine

Stirring a shot of espresso in a tall coffee glass


Now add your milk. Pour it into your glass and stop with around 1 inch spare at the top.

Pouring milk into a tall espresso glass


Now all you need is your ice.

Looking from above at ice being held over a glass with ice tongues


Add this to your glass (with or without the splash).

Ice splashing into a glass of cold coffee


Top Tip – it’s important to add the ice last.

If the ice is in the glass when you add your coffee, the coffee will instantly cool before melting the sugar.

Voila – a delicious cold Iced Coffee to enjoy on a hot day.

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A tall glass filled with iced coffee


Ice cubes melting and diluting the flavour before you get time to enjoy your iced coffee? Try making your iced coffee with coffee ice cubes.

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