Mocha Overnight Oats

Make Mocha Overnight Oats with Two Chimps Coffee and Whitworths dried fruit!


Looking for a healthy breakfast to power your day? Start your drumrolls, please, because here it is! This mocha overnight oat recipe combines freshly brewed coffee with energy-boosting oats to create one unbeatably make-ahead breakfast. Bring in the other healthy ingredients (chia seeds, nuts, yoghurt…) and nice-but-not-too-naughty cocoa powder, and you’ve got the overnight oat recipe of your dreams!

Actually, these mocha overnight oats are better than dreams. They don’t end when you wake up…


Jar with mocha oats besides Two Chimps coffee tin and pouch and Whitworths dried fruit packets




What are Overnight Oats?

Been scrolling through social? We bet overnight oats pinged up in your feed. They are BIG business.

Overnight oats are simply raw porridge oats that have been soaked in a liquid overnight. They absorb a lot of the liquid, making them easier to digest and giving them a super-smooth, creamy consistency! Yum!

You can soak your oats in a range of liquids. Water, milk, yoghurt, juice… Most people tend to go for a mixture of two.

Oh, and have you heard? You can also make overnight oats with COFFEE. Yup. Team this coffee-oat combo with cocoa powder, and you’ve got your favourite mocha drink in jar form! Awesome!


Blue coffee mug sits on a wooden table beside Two Chimps coffee tin



Mocha Overnight Oats Ingredients

These mocha overnight oats are brimming with healthy ingredients…


The oat. It’s the humble breakfast CHAMPION. Crammed with fibre and full of minerals like zinc and calcium, healthy oats keep you energised all morning. They do other good stuff too, like help to lower cholesterol levels and take care of the bacteria in your gut.



Whether you go for natural, Greek or one of the yummy plant-based alternatives, no-added-sugar yoghurt is always a good shout. Yoghurts contain protein and calcium for healthy bones, and many come fortified with extra vit D. Why does this matter? Good ol’ vitamin D is key for optimal calcium absorption.


Chia Seeds

If you’ve ever tried chia pudding, you’ll know that chia seeds have one helluva superpower. Somehow (the science is beyond us), they magically make overnight oats lovely and thick!

They’re uber healthy too. Protein? Check. Omega-3 fatty acids? Check. Calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium? All check!



Coffee doesn’t just taste top-notch – it brings extra health benefits to your mocha overnight oats! As well as being high in antioxidants, coffee is a source of magnesium, potassium and vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).


Chocolate Sauce

It tastes awesome and makes us happy. Enough said.








For How Long will Mocha Overnight Oats Keep in the Fridge?

Overnight oats are the bona fide superstar of meal prep success.

Simply make double/triple/septuple the recipe and enjoy chocolate coffee oats all week! They’ll sit quite happily in the fridge for five days, so why not make a batch and feel smug all week?

Quick tip… it’s a good idea to store your oats in a tub or jar with a sealable lid. This prevents them from taking on any flavours or odours that might be lingering from other foods or drinks. Stops any spillages, too…


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Do Mocha Overnight Oats Contain Caffeine?

Caffeine gets lots of us going in the morning – it’s just one of the (many) reasons why we love coffee! It’s hard to say exactly how much caffeine will be in your mocha overnight oats, as every brew method and bean type gives a slightly different amount. But, in general, the 60ml of strong black coffee in these mocha overnight oats will provide around 25 mg of coffee.



Mocha overnight oats with chocolate sauce sits beside Two Chimps coffee tin and pouch and Whitworths dried fruit mix



Prefer to steer clear of caffeine? No probs! Simply use one of our exceptional chemical-free speciality decafs instead! They’re just as delicious as their caffeinated cousins!



☕  🍫  ☕  🍫  ☕  🍫



Okie dokie, let’s find out how to make overnight oats with coffee and chocolate!




40g oats
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tbsp cocoa powder
60ml strongly brewed Two Chimps coffee
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp maple syrup or honey
100g natural yoghurt or vegan alternative
Chocolate sauce
Whitworths Chocolate & Hazelnut SHOT




Step 1

Brew your Two Chimps coffee and allow it to cool.

Step 2

Grab a jar or small bowl and mix together the oats, chia seeds and cocoa powder. Give it a quick stir.

Step 3

Pour in the coffee, maple syrup and vanilla and add the yoghurt. Stir until everything is well mixed.
Add the lid or cover and pop in the fridge overnight (or for at least 6 hours).

Step 4

The following morning, stir half of the Chocolate & Hazelnut SHOT through your overnight oats. Add a splash of water or milk if it’s a bit thick.
Top with a big drizzle of chocolate sauce and the remaining dried fruits. Grab a spoon and enjoy!



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Glass of coffee smoothie with bananas



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