No-churn coffee ice cream

Ice cream. It’s our first port of call when the sun comes out. However you enjoy yours – whether it’s scoop, sundae or straight-from-the-tub-when-no-one’s-looking – you need a top ice cream to see you through the summer.

Tub of coffee ice cream with ice cream scoop


Good job we’ve got one, then! We’ve given our favourite summer pud a caffeine kick and created a no-churn coffee ice cream recipe that’s n-ice and easy. No ice cream machine required! Its dreamy texture and lush, coffee flavour are the perfect salvation for sun-drenched days. Infusing the cream overnight is a great tip, too, as it gives your ice cream a decadent coffee taste that’s rich but still refreshing. Enjoy this no-churn coffee ice cream as it is or go all-out extravagance with a piled-high sundae. Two spoons, please!

So what are you waiting for? Run the tip of your spoon temptingly over the top, place that lovely morsel in your mouth and let it linger on your tongue. And then gobble up a third scoop – because this ice cream is the best yet!

Two white ramekins with coffee ice cream alongside ice cream scoop and tub



  • 600ml double cream
  • 40g coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 1 397g can sweetened condensed milk
  • 100g dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


The night before, infuse the cream with the coffee. Put the double cream and ground coffee into a tub. Mix until fully combined, cover and leave in the fridge overnight.

Round tub of cream infusing with ground coffee


Strain the infused cream using a muslin cloth. You can pick these up for next to nothing at cooking shops and department stores. You’ll need 450ml of infused cream in total.

Straining cream into glass bowl using muslin cloth


Add the vanilla extract and salt to the cream and whisk using an electric whisk until you get soft peaks. Fold a little of the condensed milk into the cream to loosen it, and then fold in the remaining condensed milk and most of the chopped chocolate.

Folding condensed milk into infused cream


Pour the mixture into a container or loaf cake tin and sprinkle with the remaining chocolate. Lightly press a layer of cling film onto the top of your ice cream to prevent ice crystals from forming.

Leave in the freezer overnight.

You’ve just finished your homemade coffee ice cream – cone-gratulations!

(Pssst… why not drizzle with melted chocolate and crushed biscuits for a true choco-mocha treat?)

Tub of coffee ice cream sprinkled with chocolate beside chopping board and knife


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Tub of coffee ice cream with three scoops of ice cream and scoop beside teaspoons and ground coffee


Let's go!


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