Smoothing Coffee Body Scrub

Summer is coming! And this year we’ll be going out, seeing people, socialising (remind me, what’s that?).

The next few months won’t be spent hiding under slankets and blankoats – it’s time to reintroduce those arms and legs to the world!

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But are they ready for it? If you’re anything like us, and your knees and elbows are looking like alligator skin, the answer will be a resounding ‘no’. Our skin can suffer from dehydration during the winter for many reasons. Low temperatures and humidity levels cause the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly and make it feel tight and chapped. Central heating is another cause of scaly skin, as it basically drinks up your skin’s natural moisture.

There is little better than a long hot bath when wintery weather is at its worst. Deep baths and hot showers may warm you up in minutes, but they rob your skin of its natural oils and make it look inflamed and dry. Blotchy, red and scaly like a fish… no, as far as we know, that’s not on-trend for SS21. Let’s get your skin sorted out, shall we?

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Sure ways to soft skin

Now, we know we run an artisan coffee roastery and not a five-star spa. We don’t know all the ins and outs of beauty (although it does take some work to keep Andy’s beard looking so stunning! ?), but we do have some top tips to get your skin ready for the sun.

Beautiful inside, beautiful outside – that’s our first piece of advice. Drink plenty of water and keep up with the fruit and veggies, and healthy fats and oils, too (nuts and oily fish – that sort of thing). Avoid using harsh soaps and shower gels, and use body lotion straight after your shower for maximum moisturisation.

Coffee cherries


Coffee bean-tiful

We think everything is better with coffee, but so far, our evening shower routine is sadly lacking on the coffee front.


Better change that, hadn’t we?

We’ve come up with a brilliant way to create a natural body scrub using brewed coffee grounds. 100% free from chemical nasties and cheaper than anything you could buy in health shops, our Smoothing Coffee Body Scrub will have your skin spick and span in no time!

Rubbing coffee body scrub into hands


Does coffee dehydrate your skin?

Before we start, we feel that a little myth-busting is in order. It is commonly believed that coffee is bad because it dehydrates and dries your skin from the inside out. It is true that caffeine is a mild diuretic but it’s perfectly fine in moderation, as with most things in life. Coffee is a natural product, contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants and supplies you with a healthy glug of H2O, as well!

There are other proven benefits. Caffeine stimulates blood flow, and so helps to fight against dry skin and skin conditions like eczema. Studies have also found that caffeine might spur on your metabolism and help burn fat, so can sit more than happily in a healthy diet! Using brewed coffee grounds is an eco-friendly and entirely natural alternative to the microbeads used in some shop-bought exfoliators, so it’s skin-kind and sustainable! Smiles all round!

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Let’s get making!


To Begin

Back to the scrub. We’ve combined natural exfoliants and oils to give your skin a boost and leave it feeling silky smooth. Here’s what you’ll need.



  • 150g freshly brewed coffee grounds (so you’ll just have to make yourself a nice mug of Two Chimps coffee, ohh well…)
  • 30ml of Jojoba oil
  • 30ml coconut oil (good quality coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so you may need to melt it)
  • 10g Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt
  • 15g Coconut Palm Sugar (demerara will also be fine)
  • 15 drops of essential oil – we chose bergamot, which is a citrus-scented oil great for dry skin



Measure out all of your ingredients.

Ingredients for coffee body scrub


Put into a bowl and mix well.

Adding coffee body scrub ingredients to bowl


Pour the mixture into an airtight jar and leave for 1-2 hours to settle. If your coffee grounds and coconut oil are warm, they need to return to room temperature.


Coffee body scrub ingredients in jar


Apply the scrub to damp skin. We recommend doing this in the shower; applying the scrub in the bath may turn your bathtub into a giant cup of coffee (not that we’d be complaining)!

Spooning coffee body scrub into hand


Massage the scrub into your skin in circular motions.

If you can, leave the scrub on for 5-10 minutes, letting the oils absorb into your skin.

Massaging coffee body scrub into hands


Rinse off thoroughly and pat your skin dry.

Washing hands


Enjoy the feeling of silky-smooth skin!

Use this scrub up to 3 times a week to keep your skin super soft.


Soft hands


Our Coffee Body Scrub is simple to make and will keep for up to 6 months in an airtight jar. The natural oils will sit on top (just like they do in a good quality jar of peanut butter), so be sure to give it a good stir before your next pamper.

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