Start your day the right way with a coffee banana smoothie

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Bananas? A bowl of oats? A good cup of freshly brewed coffee? What about all three?

That’s right, because we’ve created a coffee banana smoothie that’ll give your AM a serious boost. It’s healthy, filling and super speedy – just what you need to take you from zero to hero on bleary-eyed mornings!

Two glasses of smoothie with bowl or granola, berries, milk jug and spoons


Smoothies can get some bad rap for being too sweet. And some, especially shop-bought ones, are basically sugar through a straw. But not our coffee smoothie. Packed with protein and high in fibre, it’s a complete, balanced breakfast in blended form. Its five ingredients will see you through the morning, no problem. There’s filling banana and oats for slow-release fuel, and caffeine to give you a jump-start on those mornings that feel like they might tip into a duvet day…

Two glasses of coffee banana smoothie from above with banana, oats and coffee beans


There are plenty of ways to customise your smoothie so it fits your lifestyle (or what you’ve got in the cupboard). Simply use plant-based milk if you are vegan or dairy-free. Maybe you’re nutty for PB? No problem – just sub the almond butter for a big ol’ dollop of its peanut cousin. The choice is yours post blend, too. Sip through a straw or turn it into a smoothie bowl that’ll go down a treat on your Insta.


Grab and go deliciousness for days when breakfast needs to be blendable!

Coffee banana smoothie sitting on chopping board with milk jug, coffee beans and banana slices


Coffee Banana Smoothie


  • 1 banana
  • 150ml milk
  • 1½ heaped tbsp oats
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 shot or 100ml strongly brewed coffee
  • Handful ice



Brew your coffee or make your espresso and leave to cool.

Small cafetiere with coffee and milk jug


Measure out the other ingredients and add them to a blender. If you’re using brewed coffee rather than a shot of espresso, reduce the amount of milk to 100ml.

Ingredients for coffee banana smoothie


Blitz until smooth. Add a little more milk or a drop of water if it’s too thick.

Add a straw and sip away, because today’s going to be a good day!

Coffee banana smoothie with metal straw sitting on chopping board with milk jug, coffee beans and banana slices


Take your coffee banana smoothie (and your morning, and most probably your life) up to the next level with our freshly roasted speciality coffee. Get yours now!


Glass of coffee smoothie with bananas


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