Three Ingredient White Russian Coffee Cocktail

We love hearing about the awesome recipes you guys come up with that use Two Chimps Coffee.

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WHite Russian Cocktail in Martini Glass


Introducing, the three-ingredient White Russian Coffee Cocktail.

A Potted History

The White Russian is a cocktail usually made with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream (or milk) and is served over ice. The drink was created in 1949 by Gustave Tops, who was a Belgian barman. He also created the Black Russian too. It was created in honour of Perle Mesta who was the U.S Ambassador to Luxembourg at the time.

The original recipe calls for twice the amount of Vodka to that of coffee liqueur. The method below works best in equal measures; the harshness of the vodka is somewhat swallowed by the coffee and Baileys. Nom nom nom.

Because of the cocktail’s name, people often believe that this cocktail came from Russia. Belgium is most definitely not in Russia. The name comes from vodka being the main ingredient in the drink.

Over the years as this drink has grown in popularity, different variations of it have been created. You can now find variations such as the White Canadian, White Mexican and White Cuban, to name a few.

To add to the list of variations, check out the awesome spin on this cocktail below. For instance, there is no cream or milk in this adaptation, nor will you find any coffee liqueur. Only the freshest coffee is used here, and with a hint of Bailey’s too.

Cocktail glass with cocktail shaker


Let’s Get Started

Firstly, you will need:

  • A Cocktail shaker
  • 50ml Bailey’s or alternative Irish cream liqueur
  • 50ml Vodka of your choice
  • Double shot (35-50 ml) of Two Chimps Coffee Espresso (or other strong, short coffee)
  • Ice
Pouring Vodka into Cocktail Shaker


Now for the fun part:

Pour the ice into the shaker first, then measure and add the other ingredients.

Then shake, shake, shake! Once your cocktail has been shaken to perfection, pour through a strainer into your desired glass.

Finish off by garnishing with three coffee beans, or a sprinkling of chocolate.

Pouring White Russian Cocktail through Strainer


Repeat the process until sucking the helium out of party balloons and trying to say the word ‘wigwam’ seems like a superbly plausible idea.

This is such an easy drink to make and one that tastes amazing too!

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White Russian Coffee Cocktail


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