Two Chimps Coffee on the BBQ – you bet! How to use the Coffee BBQ Seasoning by Freshly Spiced

Barbequing is uber on-trend, and not just because it was the coolest way to dine al fresco in 2020.

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Coffee spice rub in glass dish


Fired up!

Modern BBQ food is about so much more than bangers and burgers. We’re seeing fancy skewers and shish kebabs, as well as adventurous forays into new cuisines (Korean and Japanese recipes are big right now).

What does that make Freshly Spiced’s brand new Coffee BBQ Seasoning? Bang on trend! Made with freshly roasted Two Chimps Coffee and lots of fragrant spices, it’s the perfect way to give your BBQ cooking a reboot this summer.

Coffee BBQ Seasoning


Freshly Spiced, how nice?

This limited-edition spice blend is created by our friends at Freshly Spiced. Based in Nottingham, the Freshly Spiced team create vibrant spice mixes that add bucket loads of flavour to your food. From a family-friendly fajita blend to more adventurous options like Venetian Spaghetti (and you thought spaghetti was just for meatballs?), Freshly Spiced is the best way to banish bland dinners. And it’s not just mains, either; the team have created some lush spice blends for drinks and sweet dishes as well. Check out their Green Tea Spice Blend in our online shop.


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Coffee on a BBQ – really?

But back to the Coffee Rub. Why is it so awesome? Well, firstly, it contains Two Chimps Coffee: Canoeing in a Cornish Pasty, to be precise. We love how the natural sweetness and slight acidity of this Medium/Dark roast takes our cooking to the next level. The rub is also really adaptable, so it’s great for keeping everyone happy at dinner time. You can use it on meat, meat alternatives or veggies. Catering for vegans? No problem – the BBQ Coffee Seasoning is 100% vegan.

Coffee and meat might sound like an odd combination, but they are natural pairings. The acidity in the coffee helps to accentuate the meat’s savoury flavour, while the grounds’ sweetness creates a lovely, taste-packed crust. The coffee’s deep flavour also pairs beautifully with the other spices in the blend. Coriander, paprika, turmeric and more all sit very happily alongside our Two Chimps coffee in a blend that will make you master of the grill!

Coffee BBQ Seasoning on orange background


Ready to give it a go? Follow this simple recipe!


Step 1

Decide what you fancy cooking. Chicken or beef ribs are great for omnivores, or keep non-meat eaters happy with peppers, aubergines or halloumi steaks. We went for chicken breast pieces and peppers.

Chicken breast pieces on baking paper


Measure out approximately 1 tsp of Coffee BBQ Seasoning per serving. Drizzle in some oil. You want just enough to give a thick paste you can rub all over your meat and veggies. Leave to marinate for 30 minutes or longer if you can. If you’d like more spice, simply rub more of the spice mixture onto the meat.

Chicken marinating in Coffee BBQ Seasoning


Cook in a pre-heated oven. Our chicken breast pieces needed 25 minutes in a 200C/gas mark 6 oven.

Cooked chicken on baking tray


If you’re using the barbie, head outside with your oven-cooked goodies and finish them off on the BBQ for five minutes. You can also use the grill if you prefer.

Chicken on grill


Serve up and enjoy! Smokin’

BBQ Coffee Chicken served with salad


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