Watermelon Iced Tea

Say aloha to summer with this Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe!


Glass of watermelon iced tea on chopping board with a bag of loose leaf black tea from Two Chimps



It’s summer. It’s hot. And you want to quench your thirst in style.

Let’s make Watermelon Iced Tea!

Because nothing says summer like watermelon, right? Bright, punch-pink slices that leave sweet juices dribbling down your chin… It’s the taste of summer!

And watermelon wedges look like a smile, which we like a lot. Of course. ?



looking down on watermelon iced tea on white picnic sheet with watermelon lunch bag



Watermelon is lush on its own, but why not beat the heat with this Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe? Refreshing, sweet and wonderfully healthy, it’s the ultimate drink on summer days!



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Which tea is best for watermelon iced tea?

You can use any tea in your homemade watermelon iced tea, but we recommend black tea because it has a stronger taste. More subtle teas are lovely, of course, but might leave your iced tea tasting just of watermelon. And we’re making watermelon tea!

Our T is for Pterodactyl Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea is A* perfect in this recipe. Rich and robust, this Assam tea holds its own against the watermelon’s summer sweetness.

We always use loose leaf tea in our iced teas because it’s sooo much better than teabags. Choose teabags, and you’ll get plastic-packed tea ‘fannings’ rather than premium-grade whole leaves. And you want a summer iced tea that’s sparkling with flavour! So, yup, loose leaf tea is the way to go.


bag of breakfast loose leaf tea


What actually is breakfast tea? Find out!



Is watermelon iced tea healthy?

Homemade iced tea recipes are buckets better than shop-bought (no surprises there) because they contain only natural ingredients. No preservatives allowed!

And just one look at this iced watermelon tea’s neon pink juices tells you it’s bursting with good stuff. There are lots of health benefits to juicy watermelon. It’s low in calories and a good source of beta-carotene, which helps keep our eyes and skin in top condition. Watermelon also provides us with cancer-reducing lycopene, plus lots more vitamins and minerals!


Glass of iced watermelon tea on a chopping board with ice, watermelon wedges and watermelon print lunchbag



How to make watermelon iced tea

Making watermelon iced tea at home is easy… because hard work isn’t allowed in summer, right?

To begin, you brew your loose leaf tea and leave it to cool. Cutting up the watermelon comes next. This is the most muscle-intensive step, but it’s nice and easy once you get the hang of it. Then all that’s needed is a bit of lime-squeezing and blending, and you’re all done! Grab a straw and enjoy the taste of summer!


Pouring watermelon iced tea into glasses



Help… Please tell me how to cut a watermelon!

You don’t need to worry about insta-worthy wedges for this recipe (it’ll all get smooshed in the blender). But cutting a watermelon can still be tricky – here are some handy tips!

Firstly, think about the size of the fruit you buy. Steer clear from massive watermelons as they won’t behave themselves on your chopping board. Using a big knife is also a good idea – a chef’s knife rather than your small paring knife is ideal.

Right, now it’s time to cut a watermelon. Start by cutting it in half straight down the middle. Then, cut each half in half again, and again if your watermelon is very big. Switch to a smaller knife if it’s easier, and cut the pink flesh into slices. Slice along the green rind to separate it from the flesh, and then chop each slice into chunks.

And voila! Now you know how to cut a watermelon. Go add it to your CV!


Glass of iced watermelon tea on a chopping board with ice, mint, empty glasses and watermelon flesh




When to drink iced tea?

Errr… 365 days a year? Take a sip of this homemade iced tea, and we bet you’ll want to.

But it’s especially good paired with sunny days, flip-flops and cool shades! There’s something a bit fiesta-ish about watermelon (is it that glow-pink colour?), making this watermelon iced tea perfect for parties. Why not serve it as a non-alcoholic summer cooler the whole family can enjoy?

Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in spring or a balmy evening mid-summer, they’ll all adore your watermelon iced tea! And probably ask you to make more…


Glass of watermelon iced tea sits on white picnic sheet on the grass



How long will my watermelon iced tea last?

Got leftover watermelon iced tea? No worries. It’ll sit quite happily in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

If you think you might be refrigerating leftover iced tea, we’d recommend not adding ice to the big jug. The ice will dilute your tea as it melts, giving you a watered-down version the next day. Still nice, just not amazing. Instead, fill up individual glasses with ice before serving and pour the lovely tea on top. Perfect!


Pouring Watermelon and Mint Iced Tea into glasses sitting on a white plate



Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe


  • 6 tsp black loose leaf tea – try our T is for Pterodactyl Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea
  • 700ml water
  • ¼ of a watermelon – 400g is ideal
  • 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 tbsp caster sugar
  • 2 sprigs of mint, plus extra for serving
  • Ice





Step 1

Add the loose leaf tea to your teapot along with 700ml of recently boiled water and allow to infuse for eight minutes.


Step 2

Strain into a bowl and place it in the fridge to cool.


Looking down on a metal teapot and a measuring jug with strained loose leaf tea in


Step 3

Chop the watermelon into chunks and add it to the blender with the lime juice, caster sugar and mint. Blend until smooth.


Step 4

Place a sieve over a bowl and strain the watermelon juice, pressing down with a spoon to help it come through. Discard the seeds.


Straining watermelon juice through a sieve with a spoon


Step 5

Remove the cooled tea from the fridge and pour it into a large jug. Add the watermelon mixture and stir to combine.



Ready to serve? Simply fill pretty glasses with ice and pour in the watermelon tea. Make it look nice with a few fresh mint leaves, then enjoy!



Glass of homemade watermelon iced tea on a white plate with watermelon wedges and mint leaves



A watermelon iced tea exploding with summer flavours – make it today!


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