20-30% thicker than others availaible.
Chemex Pre Folded Square Bonded Filters FS-100

Check out the Circle Chemex Filters too!

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    Without a filter, the Chemex cannot work. These Chemex square filters are of a cone shape to ensure uniform extraction for the purest coffee flavour. These are also pre-folded for convenience.

    Made from the same material as the FC-100 filters, the only difference is the shape. With these being square, it has been known to make the removal of the filter easier as the filter protrudes from the top of the Chemex coffee maker slightly more.

    The Chemex FS-100 filters are 20 – 30% thicker than others. This is to keep bitter elements, grounds and oils out of the coffee, which means that you can enjoy the cup more.

    Along with fitting all but the 3 cup Chemex pour overs, these Chemex square filters will fit most other cone shaped filter coffee makers.

    We also have Circle Chemex Filters!

    Kettle, Mug and Tin for photography purposes only.


We’ve offset the carbon for your coffee, including delivery to your door.

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