Puly Grind Cleaning Crystals – Sachets – Box of 10x 15g sachets
Quick and Easy to use – Keep your grinder sparkling clean.

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    Coffee Grinder Cleaning Crystals

    Nothing beats freshly ground coffee; the taste and not to mention the smell! It’s what every morning should be about. Keeping your grinder clean is essential – but how can you clean it? With these super easy to use crystals, that’s how.

    Cleaning your grinder blades will not only mean that your grinder will last for longer, but it will keep your coffee tasting amazing too.

    When coffee is ground, the burrs can get hot due to the speed that they rotate at. This causes the oils in the coffee to heat up too, and any oils that stick to the burrs could go mouldy. No one wants mouldy coffee and more importantly, if the burrs are covered in oils and mould then they can’t grind your coffee as they should. This results in coffee that doesn’t taste as great as it once did.

    Grinders are tricky to clean, but not any more – these grinder crystal are magical; like unicorns!

    Simply add the sachet to your empty grinder hopper, add a handful of coffee and turn on your grinder. Once ground, add one more handful of coffee and repeat the process without the crystals. Ta-dah – as easy as that!

    There are no harmful chemicals within the crystal that will affect your grinder or the taste of your coffee. The crystals are made up of small, gluten-free, food-safe starch crystals which have high grease absorbing powers.

    Tested and certified by the ASA and in compliance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.


We’ve offset the carbon for your coffee, including delivery to your door.

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