Get groovy, get GRINDING! The perfect gift for someone who loves coffee.

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    This glorious grinder gift set includes a Hario Skerton Plus hand coffee grinder and a bag of delicious, freshly roasted speciality coffee beans to grind and brew. Best present? You bet!

    With a top-quality Hario grinder, they’ll be able to grind coffee fresh whenever, wherever. Grinding at home is a sure way to getting the most delectable cup you can imagine – expect fresh flavour by the bucketload!

    The Hario grinder also gives them the chance to explore different grind sizes. The grinds’ coarseness impacts extraction rates and final flavour – just a spot of experimentation, and they’ll find the perfect grind size for their brew. It’s bespoke coffee on tap!

    Another benefit? Sure. Keeping a hand grinder in the cupboard gives them the freedom to grind fresh for ANY brew device. Whether they fancy cold brew (coarse grinds please) or want to pull an espresso shot (nice and fine), they can use whichever brew device they fancy – whenever they want!

    This Hario device is a top-quality gift. The ceramic burrs produce better flavours than their steel-made chums. And the stabiliser plate? It’s vital to getting an accurate grind. The grinder is dishwasher-safe, too.

    A 250g bag of freshly roasted Two Chimps beans completes their home-grinding gift. We roast fresh in small batches to guarantee delicious coffees brimming with naturally sweet flavours!


    And don’t forget – you get FREE TRACKED 24 delivery 📬


We’ve offset the carbon for your coffee, including delivery to your door.

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