A single origin Ugandan coffee that’s perfect for mornings. Chocolate with bursts of apple and cherries….yum!

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    Mornings here we come! Waking up with this everyday is sure to start your day the right way! Find chocolate notes as a base topped with cranberries, apple & a bright citrus acidity.

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Coffee Origins

The nuts and bolts
  • Roast Style

    Light and Fruity

  • Location

    Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

  • Varietal(s)

    SL28 and SL14

  • Processing


  • Altitude

    1800-2000 metres above sea level

  • Score


  • Certification


  • What does this all mean?

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  • Tastes Like

    A chocolate base with a burst of cranberry, apple and boom, a bright citrus acidity to wake you up! This is what mornings are about.

  • How to Brew

    While this coffee tastes awesome in every device, our favourites are a filter, Chemex or cafetiere.

    If you want to know more, see our brew guides for making coffee.

  • Behind the Scenes

    Recently back on the coffee production map, the Rwenzori Mountains are a national park and can be found in the west of Uganda on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, we can find the smallholders who grew this superb coffee; each with around 1.5 acres of coffee growing land. The coffee is then wash processed at the Nyabirongo washing station before being sun-dried for 20-30 days.


    This coffee is supported by the Agri Evolve which started in 2016. They work to support entire communities of farmers to market and sell their coffee using an outlet. The farmers take ownership of the quality control and, with the help of Agri, they improve the reputation of the coffee produced in the Rwenzori and also guarantee a fair market price from buyers around the world.

  • What does the score mean?

    Cupping is the process used to allocate any coffee its ‘quality’ score. Here at Two Chimps, we only source and roast speciality coffee. Speciality coffee must have a score of 80 points or higher. If it doesn’t get the score, it doesn’t make the grade. See here if you want to know more about coffee cupping, or want to try it at home yourself.

  • Roasting

    When it comes to Roasting, we never ‘over roast’ any of our coffees, because we never need to. We use the roasting process to highlight some of the amazing flavours and aromas that can be found within the coffee naturally. Roasting coffee too dark hides these wonderful flavours and creates a coffee which is bitter and burnt. Because the coffee we source is of a very high quality, we can roast to highlight flavours, rather than to hide them. Our coffee is never bitter or burnt. Instead, our coffees are naturally sweet (not like two sugars sweet, just naturally sweet) and bursting with character.

    Each coffee we source is amazingly individual. Some are more acidic, some chocolatey, some are even fruity. The farmers and workers across the globe work hard to produce a superb product, always trying different techniques to produce the holy grail of coffees. We feel we owe it to them, and to you, to get the most flavour and aroma from every single bean.

  • The Nuts and Bolts

    Roast Style: Light & Fruity

    Location: Rwenzori Mountains

    Varietal(s): SL14 & SL28

    Processing: Full Washed

    Altitude: 1800 – 2000 metres above sea level

    Country: Uganda

    Certification: Speciality

    Score: 84.25

    What does this all mean? Check out our Jargon Buster.

  • Why buy speciality coffee from us?

    By purchasing speciality coffee from us, you are supporting the farmers and workers in the country of origin. We make sure we pay between 30 and 150% more than the ‘going rate’ for our green coffee, meaning the farmers are paid more for their crops. This in turn leads to the opportunity of better living conditions and, potentially an even better harvest next year.

    We like to keep the supply chain as short as possible too. With less in the chain, even more makes it back to the farm and its workers.

    So well done, and thank you. You are making a difference.

  • Where does the name come from?

    Yawning is so last year! Wake up, make a cup of THE BEST coffee and start your day right. Smile and wave y’all, smile and wave.

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