Crafted with evenings in mind, this coffee from Nicaragua is full-bodied with notes of chocolate, hazelnut and orange.

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What an interesting name!
  • Tastes Like

    This is a rich and full bodied coffee.

    Tangy-tart bursts of blackberry meet zingy orange and – what’s that – dark chocolate-coated hazelnuts? Oh my, it is. Just delicious.

  • How to Brew

    While this coffee tastes awesome in every device, our favourites are an espresso machine, Aeropress & moka pot.

    If you want to know more, see our brew guides for making coffee.

  • Behind the Scenes

    You’ll find this hug-in-a-mug coffee growing in the Nueva Segovia Department of Nicaragua. Shady conditions slow down the growing process, allowing the coffee flavours to reach maximum potential and ultimate complexity. The high altitudes (this coffee grows at 1300 metres above sea level) provide a lovely cool climate and bring out the chocolatey richness in these gorgeous beans.
    Skilled speciality coffee farmers then harvest the ripe cherries between November and March. They always hand pick – no machine pickers here! – before pulping, fermenting and washing the cherries for transportation to the mill.
    Cafetos de Segovia is a dry mill located in Ocotal, the Nueva Segovia capital. It’s owned by third-generation coffee farmers, Martha and Ana Albir. The sisters manage several speciality coffee farms in the area, and founded the mill to ensure premium coffee quality from the first stage to the last.
    Today, 47 local coffee farmers process coffee at Cafetos de Segovia – and around half of these are women. During peak harvest, up to 13,800kg of lovely, speciality green beans are delivered to the mill for processing! Amazing!

  • What Does the Score Mean?

    Before we source and roast our coffees, they are given a quality score. To find the quality score of a coffee, the cupping process is used. The quality score determines if a coffee can be given the ‘speciality’ title. A coffee only becomes speciality grade coffee if it is given a score of 80 points or above. Take a look at coffee cupping to find out the process each coffee goes through.

  • Roasting

    We’re very happy to say that when it comes to roasting, we never ‘over roast’. The roasting process gives us the canvas to bring out the natural flavours and aromas from our coffees. If we were to roast a coffee too dark, we would be masking these naturally occurring delicious flavours and, instead, bring out more burnt and bitter flavours. Our coffees are of such a high grade; we never need to hide anything they hold within, allowing us the scope to show each coffee off to its full potential.

    All of our coffees are very different from each other. Some are bursting with notes of chocolate and nut, while others hold more fruity flavours. These awesome, naturally occurring flavours are all thanks to the hard-working coffee farmers and their workers across the globe. We ensure we do them justice by roasting these coffees to show them off perfectly.

  • The Nuts and Bolts

    Roast style – Medium/Dark
    Location: Nueva Segovia
    Varietal(s): Mixed
    Processing: Washed
    Altitude: 1300 metres above sea level
    Country: Nicaragua
    Certification: Speciality

    What does this all mean? Check out our Jargon Buster.

  • Why buy speciality coffee from us?

    Not only do our coffees taste awesome, but they do awesome things too. We pay between 30 and 150% more than ‘going rate’ for our green beans. This goes some way to thanking the coffee farmers for their hard work and amazing product. With the extra revenue, the farmers have a higher chance of a successful harvest next year. They also have more to invest in better practices throughout the farm and better living conditions.

    By keeping the supply chain as short as possible, there is less to pay out of the pot. This means the farmers receive more, as they should.

    So grab a bag of coffee and make a difference.

  • Where does the name come from?

    Hamster wheels as sooo last year… a tiny hoover is what Hammy the Hamster really wants to ride!
    And he does some hoovering while he’s at it. Bonus.

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    Dave Noon
    Dave Noon
    20:37 08 Feb 23
    Can’t recommend two chimps coffee enough, found them at a local food market giving out free samples and it was the most amazing coffee I’d ever tasted and I’ve been hooked ever since, that was about 4-5 years ago, maybe even longer, their service is amazing and their coffee is genuinely some of the best around, great company and ethos, I dread to think how many bags of coffee I’ve had from them but every single one has been delicious and they make great gifts too.If you want great coffee and want to get your great coffee from people with a real passion for coffee then Two Chimps are the people to speak to.Their packaging is also 100% recyclable which is nice and shows they care.Keep up the good work guys.
    Tony Good
    Tony Good
    11:51 30 Jan 23
    Great coffee, great service, delivered to my door!Love the variety with the mystery subscription every two weeks.If you're a coffee junkie, or even if you just want to improve the quality of the coffee you drink, you can't go wrong!
    Fraser S
    Fraser S
    10:31 30 Jan 23
    I love Two Chimps coffee, and I love the way the company works. The small team are friendly and responsive and fun. They added special notes to my delivery on request, to make sure my crazy dogs don’t get a chance to attack the package!The coffee is excellent quality, e.g. hand-picked instead of machine picked (to avoid under or overripe beans that make the coffee sour or bitter). This means I actually save money, as I’ll make myself a good quality cup and take it with me, instead of risking a bitter or sour takeaway from a café where I don’t know if the barrista is skilled or not.Plus, using my home Stovetop moka pot is a great way to get away from my desk and focus on something non work for 5 minutes…and the kitchen is filled with a satisfying coffee smell. Making a quality coffee is also a way that I can just demonstrate some everyday love for my partner.
    Liya Ye
    Liya Ye
    19:24 29 Jan 23
    Have been a customer at Two Chimps Coffee for two years now and I have never been disappointed. Every now and then, we get to try different coffees and switch things around. Love the little surprises they send sometimes as well! Overall a very pleasant experience.
    Andy Burton
    Andy Burton
    10:20 26 Oct 22
    I bought some two chimps coffee from a local deli and was impressed. I followed that by buying a couple of 50g sample packs which were delivered a few hours later. I live locally and requested delivery by post due to my work commitments and I guess the two chimps team found the time to pop them round. Can’t complain about the service! So I’ve tried 3 different roasts and like them all. This is the only coffee I’ve drunk outside of Melbourne Australia that has no bitterness at all - they are all really smooth. I’ll definitely be buying more.
    Nick Matchett
    Nick Matchett
    15:02 05 Oct 22
    The coffee blending experience was a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Very enlightening, good fun, and the coffee is genuinely excellent. Andy and Laura's passion for their business and their product comes shining through - clearly a business that prioritises substance over style, but manages to do pretty well as far as the latter is concerned in any case!
    Andrea Stevens
    Andrea Stevens
    19:51 27 Sep 22
    Did the Barista Basics workshop, absolutely loved it! Andy was very welcoming and so informative, he really knows his stuff and is a great teacher. After demonstrations we were let loose to have a go with the machines ourselves, with some very drinkable results. Thanks Andy! :)
    Karen Mitchell
    Karen Mitchell
    17:36 16 Sep 22
    First tried this coffee when visiting relatives in Rutland. Self catering cottage supplied the coffee and when back home decided to order some. The coffees are lovely and we like the different varieties. I buy decaf on subscription and like to look out for new coffees to try. The delivery and service is excellent and I would highly recommend.
    Polly Wainwright
    Polly Wainwright
    22:20 03 Jul 22
    This was bought for us as a Christmas gift, so we weren't totally sure what to expect. We were made very welcome, and there was a huge amount of information. Great tasting of 5 very different coffees, and a chance to make your own blend from these 5 different beans. Easy place to find, ample opportunity to ask questions, very knowledgeable 'Two Chimps' !!
    Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison
    16:49 18 Feb 22
    First and foremost, the coffee is excellent: varied, well chosen and with accurate tasting notes. I have found the subscription service to be reliable and good valuable - the coffee arrives fresh and undamaged, without over packaging and is packaged in such always as to be delivered through the letterbox. The website is a pleasure to use, and in addition to the coffee, there is a wide range of coffee making apparatus and consumables such as filters for V60 and Chemex. These are reasonably priced and always dispatched promptly. Finally, there is a knowledgeable human at the end of the phone should you have a question.
    Veronica Wands
    Veronica Wands
    16:18 08 Feb 22
    I look forward every week to receiving my lovely freshly roasted coffee beans and their quirky names always make me smile! The service is superb and speedy, nothing is ever a problem. I bought an Aeropress coffee maker for a Christmas present and had great advice from Laura. I would (and do) highly recommend them.
    The Pethericks
    The Pethericks
    09:45 05 Feb 22
    Where have you been all my life?!I can only drink decaf, and I drink it black, so it's got to be great coffee. Until now, I've never found one that doesn't have any bitterness or is weirdly weak. The "how many llamas ... " coffee is truly outstanding! Smooth, full of flavour, and sets my day up just nicely, thank you very much.Thank you Two Chimps. Great mornings are finally here.
    Rachel Woods
    Rachel Woods
    09:44 16 Jan 22
    I was really delighted with my Christmas hamper from ActionCOACH Oakham. Even more delighted that it contained your coffee. I like to seek out independent coffee roasters and I will be definitely be buying more - it was delicious!
    nick holbrow
    nick holbrow
    12:34 25 Oct 21
    Getting decent coffee is a pain, well at least it was. I discovered two chimps through a friend and I don’t regret it. They provide high quality coffee delivered to my door and there is always a different one to try. A lot of single origin coffees which all have different flavours, their coffee is ethically sourced. No query is too much trouble and their website is easy to use. However they don’t just do coffee but their hot chocolate is good, as are their teas. Mint tea with hot choc is fab I haven’t been allowed to try marmite hot choc. Free delivery is included what more could you wish for. My only complaint is I sometimes run out at the end of the month, perhaps I should order more ?, the ability to order 300g bags? Just a great local family business with excellent customer service.
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