Darjeeling Tea – Gielle Tea Garden – India

Grown on sun-bathed slopes tickled by cool breezes, Darjeeling tea offers a sweetness that’ll leave you smitten.

Our 125g bags are recyclable too.

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    Melding winey aromas with sweet, glassy freshness, Darjeeling is splendour with a soft heart. This ‘Champagne of teas’ is lighter and less bitter than most black teas… Perfect for a refreshing drink with just enough complexity.


    Logan says…“This is my go-to when I don’t need the kick of a morning brew. Then I’m chilled for the rest of the day.”


    Chinese tea seeds were first planted in Darjeeling in West Bengal, India, in the mid-1800s. Tea bushes soon carpeted the fertile Himalayan hillside, transforming Darjeeling into what it is today: one of the most celebrated tea-growing districts in the world. The gardens hold Protected Geographical Indication, guaranteeing that only tea grown in the region can call itself Darjeeling (another reason it is like Champagne!).

    Skilled farmers grow this exquisite blend in the beautiful Gielle Tea Gardens of West Bengal. The name means ‘land of sweet water’ in the local Lepcha language and derives from the garden’s soft-flowing waters. The Darjeeling is picked during its second flush, just as the leaves develop a fruity flavour and gorgeous, grape-like profile. Lush!

    The association overseeing Gielle, the Teesta Valley tea gardens, is the oldest tea company in India. It gets our approval because it sounds like Tea-star!



    Delicately smooth and deliciously stylish, this DARjeeLING tea will sweep you onto cloud nine and beyond…



    Not sure how to brew? No problem. Just flip over the label on your tea pouch for all you need to know.


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