Earl Grey – Chinese Black Tea with Natural Flavouring

A Chinese black tea base gives hints of caramel & vanilla while the Bergamot oil used adds a fresh citrus elegance. Oh My!

Our 125g bags are recyclable too.

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    Now THIS is a cup of tea. A smooth, sweet and elegant tea which lends itself to a lazy afternoon. Have guests visiting or want to impress – THIS is the tea for you. Lighter than breakfast tea in caffeine but just as tasty; this is the tea to go with cake – and lots of it.

    Agnes says… “My afternoon pick me up of choice. Feet up & radio on with a cup of this is where I like to be!”

    Famous worldwide, Earl Grey is known for its distinctive citrus flavour. Lighter than Breakfast tea and with half the caffeine of coffee, Earl Grey is a popular choice for afternoon tea lovers everywhere.

    Tea glorious teas – we source these from all over the globe to bring you only the very best. Loose leaf tea at your service and here to bring you smiles and happiness. Let’s begin with the kettle on and see where we go from there.

    If you need any tips, your tea label with arrive with brewing instructions on the inside. Use these as a starter and then brew for you.

    125g bag

    Tracked 24 delivery.

    Looking for a device to brew your tea? Grab one of our loose leaf tea infusers 🙂


We’ve offset the carbon for your coffee, including delivery to your door.

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