Love coffee? Then you’ll know that getting the right amount of coffee is key. Winging it just ain’t the way to an A* brew…

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    Hario V60 Plastic Measuring Spoon

    The V60 Plastic Measuring Spoon from renowned brand Hario is the uber-exact, almost ridiculously affordable way to measure coffee. Just a few grams can make all the difference to your brew – measuring or weighing the grounds is a must! Coffee scales are the first port of call for coffee precision, but we know they can be pricey. The next best thing? This handy scoop!

    Now, you can add the correct amount of coffee each time in one speedy spoon. The cool wavy-design scoop holds 12g of ground coffee, with markers for 8 and 10g too, making it easy to get precise with coffee weights. The white plastic is lightweight and strong; you’ve got a pal for life with its sturdy design! It’s, well, scooper duper!

    Put an end to guesstimation and enjoy consistent, café-standard coffee at home. Pop this Hario measuring scoop in your trolley today!

    *This is an add-on item or available in multiples.*


We’ve offset the carbon for your coffee, including delivery to your door.

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