Ethical Coffee Now Served at Eco Replenishers in Loughborough!

24th February 2023


Eco Replenishers Loughborough

A Bit About the Eco Replenishers…

Zero-waste stores are popping up across the country. But you want a shop that’s got everything you need… not one that leaves half your shopping list unticked.

The answer?

Eco Replenishers! This awesomely ethical store has the whole shebang – all you need for a planet-kind kitchen, bathroom, workplace and home. Perfect!

Visit their online eco store and discover a breadth of plastic-free goodies. Vegan soap? Organic sultanas? Freshly roasted, ethical coffee from the Two Chimps roastery? You’ll find them all!

There’s more groovy news if you’re local to Loughborough. You can pop along to their Zero Waste & Refill shop! It’s jam-packed with sustainable goods for your pantry and home.

It all started with ethical ambitions…

Eco Replenishers didn’t start as a refill store. Owner Tunde’s first foray into sustainable business began with a waterless car valeting service ten years ago. Green Heart Clean hit the local headlines and received oodles of recognition for its eco-friendly aims.

When Tunde tied the knot (hey, Ati!), he launched The Cleaning Cabinet. This squeaky clean, sustainable shop popped up in a kiosk in Loughborough town centre before gaining a permanent home in Baxter Gate.

What’s driving Ati and Tunde? We give their founding principles a mahoosive ???:

  • Sustainable living should be attainable and affordable
  • We need to prioritise ethical, organic, plastic-free living
  • Recycling is great, but refusing is better – shop refill-style and reduce plastic waste!
  • Cruelty-free alternatives still gotta do the job
  • Quality must be top-notch
  • Speciality, ethical coffee is just the BEST!

Find ethical coffee at an Awesome Zero-Waste Store! ?


Visit Eco Replenishers’ Zero Waste Store

Out and about in Loughborough? Head to 61 Baxter Gate! Here you’ll find the Eco Replenishers shop brimming with ethical goods! Bring a bottle (or grab one of Tunde’s cool glass and aluminium refill bottles) and stock up on all your sustainable essentials. Your order will be measured on demand and packed in cardboard leftovers rather than wasteful plastic wrap. Tunde’s super proud to have NEVER bought bubble wrap – the team shred old cardboard and papers to keep your treats safe.

Whether it’s washing essentials like detergent and fabric conditioner or sweet-scented bathtime treats, Tunde sells an array of goods from quality eco brands. Check out the cupboard refills, too! Nuts, dried fruit, grains – they’re all here!

Shop zero waste online

You’ll find lots more online! Everything you need to see you from breakfast to bedtime, in fact…

Pop some organic oatmeal or deluxe muesli in your cart for a deliciously sustainable start to the day. Midmorning munchies? Snack on organic sweet dried mango, whole almonds or – go on – vegan jelly sweets.

Keep teatime flavourful with Tunde’s wide range of spices and salt, plus lots of interesting grains, beans, peas and seeds. And, last but absolutely certainly not least, there’s your ethical Two Chimps coffee! Keep reading to find out which scrummy coffee flavours you can find!

Where’s home for you? Perth? Plymouth? It’s all groovy news – Eco Replenishers dispatch to UK Mainland and offer free delivery on orders over £60! The news gets groovier if you live locally to the shop. You Loughborough and Leicester-based lot can enjoy free delivery on orders over £15. ?




Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning

Eco Replenishers are the answer if you want to give your workplace a green facelift! There are some great discounts on offer when you buy in bulk, and you can set up fixed monthly deliveries for a no-faff solution to eco-friendly office cleaning. That’s one less thing off the to-do list, then!


Fresh, Ethical Coffee at Eco Replenishers

Ati and Tunde love a good brew, so quality coffee was a must for the shop. But it had to be ethical coffee, of course. And freshly roasted. And local if poss…

Cue Two Chimps! We roast high-scoring speciality beans in our little Oakham roastery, just a short distance from the Eco Replenishers shop. We’re carbon-neutral and steer clear of wasteful packaging where we can, so sit perfectly with Tundi’s values.

Hop over to the Baxter Gate store and you’ll find three awesome Two Chimps coffees:

  • A punchy morning coffee
  • Our fruity-bright light roast
  • A chocolatey coffee that’s warming and gentle (and great for espresso machines!)

Simply bring a container, fill it up, and enjoy top-grade speciality coffee utterly plastic-free!

Need coffee now? Tunde also serves two TC coffees in the shop, brewing fresh on a barista-grade espresso machine. Caffeinated coffee plus chemical-free decaf are available, so everyone’s cup will be full and flavour-packed!


Check out the coffees!

Fresh, ethical coffee? That’s carbon neutral? Check out Two Chimps!


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