Ethically Sourced Coffee at Leicestershire Aero Club!

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We’re roasting ethically sourced coffee for Leicestershire Aero Club!

Some good news is ready for take-off! We’re sourcing and hand-roasting high-scoring speciality coffee for Leicestershire Aero Club. Based at Leicester Airport, this friendly flying club keeps aerophiles happy with a wide range of lessons, experiences and pilot training courses. Their on-site Bar and Restaurant is the place to be for tasty, homecooked food… and ethically sourced Two Chimps coffee!


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Zooming Through club history

Leicestershire has, according to club historians, always been interested in flying. Did you know that it was very nearly Leicestershire (and not Kitty Hawk in North Carolina) that was the birthplace of powered flight? That’s right! Had England’s pioneering aviator Percy Pilcher not been killed in an accident, his genius engine designs would probably have demonstrated the first powered flight! Pretty cool, right?

Leicestershire Aero Club is steeped in history. The Club is over 110 years old and has played its part in world wars, royal landings and historic events. A respected flying school was set up in 1967, allowing budding pilots to earn their private pilot’s licence, and the Club continues to be popular – it’s got around 350 members to date!


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Sky-high Flying experiences

Is flying your flight of fancy? Check out the awesome range of flying experiences on offer! Glide over Rutland Water, Oakham, Burley House and Welland Viaduct in the Rutland Water Experience, or get a premier league gift with the Leicester City Experience. Sports fans will have the best time seeing the King Power Stadium and Welford Road Rugby Stadium (and more!) from above!

Know a daredevil? Gift them the Aerobatics Experience! They’ll take to the skies in electrifying loops, rolls, spins and stall turns. Something they will never forget!


red plane landing at Leicestershire Aero Club





Flying Lessons

Score top marks at the Club’s esteemed Flying School. Qualified instructors lead every program, from the Introductory Flying course to the Family Affair lesson – perfect for up to four pilot enthusiasts!

Keen to take your hobby to new heights? Why not earn your Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) at the Club? Their training is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and includes all you need to know to take flight. From control handling and flight planning to navigation and air law, it’s a checklist of everything aeroplane!


Cup of fresh coffee at Leicestershire Aero Club in front of a landing pad




Ethical Coffee for an Eco-Friendly Club

We’re certified carbon neutral at Two Chimps – and uber-proud of it! It’s just one of the reasons why we’re so excited to be the Club’s wholesale coffee supplier.

Hmmm… what are we going on about? All that high-flying and loop-the-looping can’t be good for the planet, right? We caught up with the Aero Club team to check out their green credentials:

“we are very much aware that we have an impact on the environment and want to make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint”

Leicestershire Aero Club is believed to be the first carbon-neutral flying school in the UK. They took the carbon-neutral pledge in 2021, when they partnered with General Aviation Carbon Offsetting. By supporting tree-planting projects in the UK and worldwide, they successfully offset their carbon emissions to keep Leicestershire’s planes planet-kind. Great stuff!


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Fresh food for every flight

You’re sure of a smile at Leicestershire Aero Club Bar and Restaurant! Open daily, with an accompanying Restaurant open six days a week, the clubhouse Bar is the place to be for tasty food and top coffee. Refuel with hearty meals like homemade chilli, Cajun chicken or steak and kidney pie and mash. Need a quick snack before take off? Grab a freshly made sandwich or hot roll from the Lighter Bites menu. Or perhaps a nice slice of cake to satisfy your sweet tooth? Ahh… why not?

Every meal and menu option is prepared fresh on the premises by the Club’s catering team. Both the Bar and Restaurant are open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s members-only at other times – just another reason to join, we say!


Full English breakfast at Leicestershire Aero Club




Artisan Coffee at the Aero Club Bar

When it came to wholesale coffee at the Club, only the best would do. No dreary instant here, thank you. Only the tastiest, freshly roasted beans would be good enough to fuel their flights!

“We take pride in supporting local businesses like ourselves and really appreciate the excellent, personable customer service and support Two Chimps provide”

Thanks, guys! We super proud to be roasting fresh arabica coffee just for you! Hand-roasting in small batches guarantees that every Aero Club cup contains crazily scrummy coffee, while our regular deliveries make sure the coffee arrives FRESH. Because, as we all know, coffee is best when fresh!

Take wing to the Club Bar, and you’ll find the team brewing our balanced, orange-labelled coffee and our bouncingly bright chemical-free decaf. Want to know the Club favourite? The pilots’ go-to joe? A Flat White. Good choice… the perfect, silky-sleek fuel for a smooth flight!


Two Chimps Coffee new Nicaragua Coffee


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