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The name “Gifty McGift Place” is all thanks to Matthew’s wife, following an alcohol fuelled creative session between her and Matthew!


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For 12 years, Matthew Reed worked as a qualified accountant for banks on a contract basis, but after his last contract ended in Feb, just before lockdown, he was unable to get a new contract due to COVID 19. And so, Gifty McGift Place gift hampers were born.

Currently, as the only member of staff, Matthew does everything from souring the ingredients for his hampers to packing them, fulfilling orders as well as delivery and invoicing – which, based on the 12 years experience, is the easy part!

How it began


Born from Matthew’s love of hot beverages and biscuits, he saw this as a brand new challenge and a new start working for himself after working at the bank for so many years. It’s so much more fun too!


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As a keen coffee drinker, Matthew approached us to sample our hand roasted speciality coffee and loved it. He decided on our delicious Rwandan coffee, Knowledgeable Wellies for his hampers. This coffee is silky smooth with a familiar creamy and chocolatey nuttiness with a sharp, lime-like acidity present in every sip. We love the freshness and acidity from this lightly roasted coffee; perfect for an afternoon cafetiere and Millionaires shortbread.

Not just coffee

He also offers our Hot Chocolate flakes made from real 71% chocolate, so rich and creamy!



After starting with simple tea, coffee and hot chocolate hampers, Matthew is looking to expand to offer larger and more diverse hampers by offering a variety of products such as mugs and travel mugs to compliment the original line up.

Matthew is thinking about gluten free and vegan hampers in the future, and is looking to expand into beer/wine/gin at some stage too.

Matthew told us that the best part of this business was being able to employ staff – his children! They have offered to work for pocket money by helping to pack and also, most importantly, being his quality control for all biscuits and hot chocolate! The extra money will come in useful as they try to save for an X-Box.

As chief product sampler, Matthew also enjoys trying to keep fit to counterbalance the biscuits! He loves running and mountain biking, as well as taking the kids out and about to parks, woods and the seaside.


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What’s next?

Going forward, Matthew hopes to increase his product portfolio with some awesome merchandise. This is to include branded coffee mugs, travel mugs, shopping bags etc as well as potentially expanding to offering corporate gifts and bespoke hampers.

Here at two chimps, we hand roast speciality coffee is small batches, by hand. This assures you of the tastiest cup of coffee ever!


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Want freshly roasted coffee now? Head over to the shop for bags of awesome coffee.

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