Find the Best Ethical Coffee at Uppingham Fine Foods

Find locally roasted Two Chimps Coffee nestled amongst kimchi, crispbreads and cloudy lemonade. ?


We often passed Uppingham Fine Foods while delivering our lovely coffees to nearby businesses. Hmmm… we wonder if they like coffee, too?


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Really Fine Food

Damon and Ellie opened Uppingham Fine Foods amid the 2020 Covid chaos. Previously, Damon managed The Very Best Food Ltd selling, as you might imagine, the Very Best ingredients to foodies and wholesale services. Lockdown hit, however, and times called for change. Despite only just tying the knot, Damon and Ellie decided to open Uppingham Fine Foods. They began by leasing a shop before unveiling a new, larger location on High Street East, Uppingham, in May 2021.


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Pop along, and you’ll find foodie delights from all over the world. Every product is hand-picked for its quality from the very best suppliers. You’re sure to find a new favourite amongst the global range. Give dinnertime an instant upgrade with condiments and artisan breads, or quench your thirst in style with chilled juices we know you won’t have seen before. Or multiple types of pork scratchings, if you’re craving something meaty. More of a sweet tooth? Satisfy it with premium chocolate or mochi ball ice creams.

Damon and Ellie are keen to keep everyone happy. So, they make sure to include options for every diet. From vegan and lactose free to Asian and American, there are tasty treats for everyone to enjoy!


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Quality – it goes without question

By keeping their shop small, Damon and Ellie can put quality at the fore. They have a strong commitment to high-quality goods with high ethical standards to match. Every producer and supplier is selected for their core principles and environmental values. What’s more, keeping things small means the pair can build genuine relationships with their customers and find out exactly what they would like to put in their kitchen cupboards.



Two Chimps in Uppingham

We’re not sure we’ve met a couple busier than Damon and Ellie! Uppingham Fine Foods was in full swing when we got in touch, and the shop was buzzing with local foodies eager to try new ingredients.

Nevertheless, Damon’s ears pricked up when we told him about our ethically sourced speciality coffee. We arranged a time to pop over, say hello and tell Damon a bit more about Two Chimps. And serve some coffee, of course. Imagine if a coffee roaster turned up with no coffee? The disappointment.


Two Chimps Coffee at Uppingham Fine Foods


Luckily, we don’t do disappointment. Here at the treehouse, we source high-scoring speciality beans from a coffee importer who shares our sustainable values. Trading as directly as possible means we can pay farmers more than the going rate and go beyond the standards set by Fairtrade. We then roast multiple times a week and deliver regularly to small businesses like Uppingham Fine Foods. Damon and Ellie loved our team-led values and exceptional coffee. And we’re just down the road, too, giving them peace of mind that fresh coffee is only a few minutes away.

We know coffee is personal. That’s why we’re helping local caffeine fans to keep topped up with fresh coffees that are just right for them. Simply tell Damon which coffee you fancy and how you like to brew, and we’ll grind our freshly roasted coffee beans especially for you. Sorted! Alternatively, pop into the shop to find a wide variety of Two Chimps goodies and brew devices ready and waiting!


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How to shop

Buying the best ingredients couldn’t be easier. If you are in the area, why not pay a visit to their Uppingham shop? Trust us, it’s worth it just to see all the quirky jars and packets on the shelves. You can also find the full range – Two Chimps included – online or at foodie events. However you choose to shop, you can always be sure to find something that will spruce up your cooking in seconds!


Keen bean for coffee? Head over to the Two Chimps shop to browse our full range. Always fresh, and always delivered free of charge!


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