Coffee for Wholesale: Freshness and Flexibility

Greetings, friends! Let’s talk about Wholesale Coffee minimum orders.

Whether you’re already part of the Two Chimps wholesale family or just starting your journey, we’re here to tell you about our minimum order quantity. So, grab a brew and read on.

OK, I know you guys are desperate to know the answer, we won’t leave you in suspense any longer…drum roll, please…there is no minimum order!

Yup, that’s right. Here at Two Chimps Coffee, we value your partnership and providing you with the finest, freshly roasted specialty coffee for your business. We feel that offering a ‘no minimum order quantity’ allows you to serve top-notch coffee, whether you order one kilo a week or five.


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Fresh is best!

No questions asked; fresh is best! We believe (well, we know) that fresh coffee is the beginning of a remarkable journey for all your customers, whether serving it in a mug or selling it to them in retail bags.

We roast in small batches multiple times a week, ensuring you receive coffee hot off the press (or should we say roaster.) Check out the fascinating process of roasting coffee from the perspective of our roaster Jordyn here! Once roasted, coffee beans start to release carbon dioxide, undergoing several transformations that define their flavour. Our coffee bags are designed with a nifty one-way valve, which allows the Co2 gasses out, whilst not letting oxygen in. This gives our brews a shelf life of 12 months, wahoo!

Oxygen and coffee are not the best of friends. When exposed, the beans oxidise almost like metal rusting. This reaction causes all those wonderful flavours to melt away, and the coffee becomes stale- and no one has time for stale, naff coffee. Therefore, the fresher your coffee is, the more vibrant and delicious it will be!

By not imposing a minimum order quantity, you are in control! Do you only need 1kg a week? Absolutely fine with us! All our coffees are good for up to 12 weeks once opened, and we want you to have the freshest coffee to serve your customers. No matter the size of your business, we are here to support you in delivering the best coffee experience.


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Tailored to you

We understand that all businesses are different and have unique requirements and needs. Not having minimum order quantities for our wholesale coffee allows you to order exactly what your business needs. Whether you want to experiment with varying varieties of coffee, cater for customer requests, or simply want to maintain a steady supply of coffee, it’s all within your control! We also offer retail boxes, allowing your customers to purchase some awesome coffee and take it home, which also has (you guessed it) no minimum order! Fancy testing the waters with a few boxes to begin with? That’s no problem, take them for a spin.


Reduce waste

Anyone who knows us at Two Chimps knows we do not like waste! Nope, we’re not a fan. As a proud carbon-neutral business, we put a lot of hard work into ensuring our packaging is completely recyclable (right down to the stickers!)

You can minimize waste and optimize profitability by ordering in small, manageable quantities. Happy Days!


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Hassle-Free Ordering

We like to make our wholesale coffee ordering process easy for you. You have the flexibility to place orders as and when you need them. Every week, you’ll receive a phone call from us checking in and taking your order. Are you having an event and need a few extra kilos of coffee? Or having a quiet spell and don’t need coffee that week? OK, with us! Just let us know when we call for your weekly order. We really do appreciate your trust in our coffee and our commitment to quality. Let’s continue to support each other and provide your customers with the freshest, awesome coffee!


Fancy joining the Two Chimps Family? Take at look at our Wholesale Page here, and get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

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