How to Boost Coffee Sales at Christmas time

21st November 2023

5 tips and tricks to sell more coffee this festive season!


Christmas Coffee and Treats


Brace yourself, we are discussing the forbidden ‘C’ word…Christmas! I know any slight mention of this word causes a wave of panic, but the holiday season will soon be here. As I type this, Michael Buble and Mariah Carey are defrosting, the shops are jam-packed with decorations and festive goodies, and you’ve most certainly contemplated how many pigs in blankets are acceptable to eat with your Christmas Roast (the answer is unlimited by the way!). So whether you’re ready or not, Christmas is coming! Yay!

We believe Christmas is the perfect time to brew awesome coffee and make memorable coffee experiences for your customers. We’re giving you five helpful tips to boost coffee sales this Christmas! So pop the kettle on, grab another mince pie (I know you’ve already bought some)…, and get ready for the inside scoop!


1. Festive Coffee

Nothing screams Christmas more than our iconic limited-edition Christmas coffee. A bit like Santa Claus, it only comes once a year, and trust me, this year’s Christmas coffee is one to get your hands on. With tasting notes of marzipan, cherries, dark chocolate and a zest of orange, it screams yummy Christmas cake!! Selling our festive coffee alongside your regular brew in a filter machine or espresso will surely get your customers in the Christmas spirit; it’s truly Fab – Yule – us!

2. Seasonal Syrups for a dash of festivity

One way to guarantee a boost in coffee sales this Christmas is to offer some fabulous festive drinks. When you think of the festive season, you think of the warm, comforting flavours of gingerbread and cinnamon- and your customers will, too! A gingerbread latte or a cinnamon spice cappuccino created with delicious syrups will give your drinks menu that festive edge. Just one sip will give you that cosy, festive feeling everyone craves during Christmas.

P.S. Adding mini gingerbread men to your coffee is always encouraged for extra brownie points!

3. Embrace late-night Shopping.

The days leading up to Christmas can be hectic and stressful for shoppers. After running around trying to get the gift you promised (which is only in stock at one shop) or finding a last-minute Secret Santa present, people always need a coffee break. We recommend extending your opening hours during late-night shopping events to accommodate these customers. It would also be the perfect opportunity to showcase your festive drink offerings, reminding them of the best parts of Christmas- the festive treats!

4. Coffee Retail bags and gift sets to make gifting easy!

One of the easiest ways to boost coffee sales at Christmas is to offer retail bags and coffee gift sets ready to go. Your loyal customers already know you serve excellent coffee. Let them give the gift of awesome coffee to someone else. Alongside your festive drinks made with this coffee, you will even tempt first-time visitors to grab a gift on their way out.

5. Last minute shoppers

No matter how organised we all try to be, there are always last-minute gifts we forget about! A beautifully festive wrapped box is always impossible to resist, especially if you know it is full of uber beautiful coffee. Make it even more irresistible by putting the display retail bags and gift sets by the till for that cheeky yet thoughtful, last-minute (definitely not forgotten) gift. Having these in such a convenient, easy-to-grab place is bound to boost coffee sales this Christmas time.

The Magic of Christmas lies in the little moments, showing that a cup of delicious coffee can be one of them! Following these five steps will mean you’re always brewing joy for your customers during the festive period. So embrace the chaos, tinsel and Christmas tunes. It will all be worth it; we promise!


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