How to get coffee to fly off the shelves and keep fresh for retail

02nd January 2024

Are you a Wholesale coffee customer looking for tips on how to sell lots of awesome fresh coffee? You have come to the right place! Read on, Amigo!

Happy New Year! What is it they always say? New year, more sales? We can all get behind this mantra- 2024, bring it on! Two Chimps is here to spill all our secrets to get coffee flying off the shelves. With our six best tips and tricks, you’ll have the power to ensure your coffee retail products always look dapper on the shelves, and most importantly, your customers are always sipping the freshest brew.

Step one is complete as you stock our uber-beautiful speciality coffee, High Five! Our beans are hand-roasted in small batches always to ensure a delicious brew. With our new Positive Planet, Carbon Neutral certification, we aren’t just a good cup of joe. Your customers can sip happily, knowing their coffee hasn’t contributed to the ongoing climate crisis. Wahoo! Now, let’s dive into our other six factors that can help boost your sales.

1. Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to coffee, Location is everything! Our iconic Two Chimps Coffee packaging will catch your customer’s eye, so placement is key. High-traffic areas are always a winner! Our new retail boxes are easily stackable, meaning you can have more stock on the shelves. Yay!

2. Point of sale material

Point-of-sale material is the simplest yet most effective way to let your customers know you’re selling the good stuff!! Whether with a proudly stocking strut mount, window sticker or leaflets, you want to create a memorable impression that encourages sales.

3. Small batches for freshness

In the world of speciality coffee, fresh is best! Consider ordering in small batches. This keeps your inventory fresh and helps maintain a steady rotation to minimize the risk of older coffee sitting on your shelves.

4. Allow your customers to pre-order

With so many delicious coffees, picking which ones to stock is hard, so we recommend stocking a few, including a decaf option. Using a shelf end in your display lets customers see other coffees they could try. If there’s a coffee that you don’t stock, take a pre-order and let us know on your next ordering day. This allows you to keep your stock levels down and ensures your customers can always have the coffee they want…win win!!

5. TLC

Your coffee products need tender, loving care to ensure they aren’t damaged. Avoid rough treatment that might harm the little beans. Place out of direct sunlight and always watch the stock to ensure the packaging isn’t damaged or has been tampered with. This keeps them looking tip-top for the subsequent purchaser.

6. Date Rotation

We all appreciate a fresh, well-balanced cup of joe, so it’s essential for your customers to have the same experience. Implement a “first in”, “first out” strategy to ensure older stock is purchased before the fresher batches.



Sounds easy, right?

With these six simple strategies in place, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the top destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking fresh awesome coffee!

So sit back, relax and let the coffee do the talking.

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