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19th December 2023

New year, new coffee supplier?

At Two Chimps, we firmly believe it’s our job to ensure everyone can access an awesome cup of speciality coffee whenever they want. No one deserves to be sipping bitter, burnt commodity coffee, not when our uber-beautiful, mouthwatering brew is around to save the day. You could be the solution to this problem. In serving Two Chimps, you know your customers will be sipping happily. So why should you work with Two Chimps? We think we have some pretty good reasons (not to toot our own horn), so we will let you decide for yourselves!


Coffee in cup


Letting the brew talk for itself!

Firstly, our coffee is the bee’s knees! With our coffee, you’re choosing quality on a whole new level. We take our time choosing our brews, ensuring they are sourced from the finest origins. With each cup offering different flavours, roast styles, and mouth feel, selecting only speciality coffee. These beans have been brewed and tasted by certified coffee-tasting professionals and labelled as ‘speciality’ when scoring 80 points or above. It’s official- these beans are royalty to the coffee world! Our team of expert roasters trial multiple roasting and cupping sessions to ensure the best flavours.

Our roast styles range from light and fruity to medium and medium/dark. You’ll never see a purely ‘dark’ roasted coffee at Two Chimps. You mainly see dark coffees when the beans are low-quality and over-roasted to hide this aspect. However, this creates a burnt, bitter flavour- something we don’t want for our precious beans! We aim to extract and enhance their natural, incredible flavours by roasting them to a medium/dark at the very most.

We are not just about great-tasting coffee but about great ethics. Our pricing ensures that our beans are top-notch, and the farmers who grow them are compensated, too. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Roasting our speciality coffee isn’t just a process; it requires a skilful eye. Our team of roasters are true coffee artisans who take their time to perfect the roasting technique with every single brew, unlocking the bean’s full potential. No roast is ever the same due to environmental factors that may affect the harvest. Therefore, we check and adjust our roasting process with every different brew.

Different natural attributes create complex flavour notes in the mug by having various coffee beans sourced from different regions. Some of our brews have more acidity, while others focus on a chocolate and caramel flavour palette. We recommend a loose guide when offering our coffees, as some will naturally taste better when brewed in certain devices. Take an espresso machine, for example; this would benefit from a medium/darker roast as the extraction method heightens these notes.

The Perks

If you join the Two Chimps coffee supplier, we become a family. You’re investing not only in a new coffee but also in a brew-tiful partnership. You’ll receive unlimited free training, point-of-sale material, advice, and guidance for £22.50 per kilo. It’s like having a coffee consultant on hand 24/7, high five!

But seriously, this coffee is so much more than its price tag; it’s a promise of quality, ethics, partnership, excellent customer service, and an investment that will make your customers want to come back time and time again. With no minimum order and free delivery, what are you waiting for?

How to place a wholesale order

Now that you know everything about our freshly roasted speciality coffee, how do you get your hands on those precious beans?

Well, it’s pretty simple. Head to our Wholesale page on our website and enquire about becoming one of our customers! You can either call, email or drop us a message. We also have a handy dandy free Coffee Price Calculator (which tells you how many cups you’ll get per kilo of coffee).

Once you’ve let us know how much coffee you would like, we will dispatch our speciality coffee (Free, with no delivery charges ever!!) within four days of roasting, so you’ll always have fresh, delicious coffee to serve to your thirsty customers.

You don’t even need to remember to order them because, let’s face it, we know how busy you are! Every week, you’ll receive a phone call from us checking in and taking your order! We’re firm believers in communication, and weekly calling lets you guys know we’re always there for you (big hug).

If a phone call isn’t convenient for you and your business, that’s fine, too! Let us know your preferred means of contact, whether text or email; it all works for us. We want to make the ordering process as smooth as possible for you. For even more ease, you can set up a regular weekly order to truly relax, knowing you’ll never miss a coffee delivery again. We’re trying to say whatever works for you works for us! We’re a laid-back bunch here at Two Chimps Coffee HQ. We love it when you visit us; the roastery doors are always open!


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