Locally Roasted Coffee in Cottesmore

Looking for a place to stay in Rutland?

Well, these guys stock locally roasted coffee!

For those not so familiar to the area, Cottesmore is a small village in Rutland. It oozes a traditional village feel, with a great village pub, shop and awesome fish and chip shop. Our latest member to join the two chimps coffee troop has taken full advantage of this by offering a holiday home in this great village on a short term let basis. Introducing… Bee Cottage!



The 16th Century thatched cottage has recently been renovated with sustainability in mind. Steve, one half of the creative duo who created ‘Bee Cottage’ in Cottesmore, crafts furniture from reclaimed wood. You will find some of his handy work in the master bedroom, living room and in some of the shelves around the cottage. The second half, Hanri, is a dance photographer, children’s book art director AND a yoga teacher at the Hotbox in Oakham where she teaches every Tuesday at 7 pm.


inside bee cottage cottesmore


As a result of the cottage’s location, there’s plenty of things to see and do in the local area. With Oakham being just a short car journey away, you can explore this historic town and enjoy a bite to eat from one of its many cafes, pubs and restaurants such as The Larder or The Wisteria Hotel and a local microbrewery, The Grainstore Brewery

The Wisteria Hotel Oakham


Stamford is also just a short car journey away which is known for its incredible architecture. You could spend all day exploring Stamford’s streets and alleyways. If you’ve got small children, take them to The Yard Soft Play. They can have fun in the soft play while you sit down, relax and have a coffee.


inside the yard at stamford


Lets Talk Coffee at The Bee Cottage

Upon arrival at The Bee Cottage, you will be greeted with a 250g bag of Two Chimps Coffee; which you choose during your booking process. You will find a cafetiere which is available to use in the kitchen, but if you have a device that you would prefer to use, just let the team know, and they will be more than happy to make sure the coffee that is waiting for you is suited to your device.



Bee Cottage offers the full range of all six of our coffees. These include two morning coffees, two all-day coffees and two evening coffees, with one of those being our sparkling water decaf.

All the coffee for Bee Cottage is hand roasted by us at the roastery. The coffees we roast are single origin, speciality coffees. Not only are our coffees single origin, that can be traced to the country of origin, but we can trace our coffees back to the farm or estate they were grown on. So, rather than having a coffee from Brazil, we can tell you that we have a coffee from the Andres Sanchez estate in Brazil.


coffee in a cooling bin

What is speciality coffee?

Speciality coffee is a much higher grade of Arabica coffee than its commodity counterpart. It also follows a rigorous set of steps to make sure the coffee is at the highest possible grade.

For instance; speciality coffee is handpicked to ensure only the ripest coffee cherries are picked. Before any coffee reaches us, it is first given a quality score, known as a cupping score. The coffee will be scored on a number of things such as aroma, taste and mouthfeel. However, if the coffee doesn’t receive a score of 80 or above, it will not be given the title of ‘speciality coffee’.


a shot of espresso pouring into a mug


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