Party Save Smile – The UK’s favourite party shop!

Meet Emma and Dean. Their business; Party Save Smile Ltd is predominantly based online.

You can find their website at Albeit they sell online all over the country, they are relatively local to us here at the roastery as they operate from a warehouse in Leicestershire, just off of the M1.



The name; Party Save Smile was born out of a 30-minute brainstorm meeting.

Emma and Dean essentially wanted to focus on the online sales channels, save customers time and stress in finding the supplies they need and ultimately share a smile in doing so. This led to their website, which focusses on the sale of party supplies being called Party Save Smile, leading to the creation of Party Save Smile Ltd.

Party Save Smile was founded 8 Years ago when the couple were inspired by the success of Team GB at the 2012 Olympics and decided, whilst it was going to be tough, to make Party Save Smile a full-time venture.


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How did it begin?

Before Party Save Smile, their joint experience included Sales and Business Development and Logistics across a range of industry sectors from Blue Chip Organisations and FTSE 100 companies to SME’s.

With all of this experience under their belt, they took the decision to supply through an online store, which quickly took off.

Initially, they supplied a variety of products without a particular theme; however, as 2012 progressed, the London 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee became a big focus. They recognised this, and focussed on selling Union Jack party items for street and house parties. The demand for this was phenomenal, and so they started to branch out, adding other ranges for celebrations.


When asked what their favourite thing about their business was, they said;

“We think there are a lot of awesome things about our business, one of the things we are most proud of is being found and contacted by Google and Amazon to supply balloons and décor for their respective events. Our customers often tell us that it is awesome that we offer Free Standard UK delivery on orders over £10, so maybe that too.”

About Dean and Emma


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When Dean & Emma aren’t in the warehouse, they love exploring the outdoors, gardening, and when they’re not outdoors, they can be found surrounded with family or pets, such as their cat (who is more of a Dog) and an ever-growing tropical fish tank! You’ll also find them in the kitchen;

“We drink both tea & coffee, but our love for coffee is how we first came across Two Chimps. Having sampled their delicious range, we have ended up investing in a cappuccino maker, a milk frother, a v60 dripper (to help us get the coffee faster) and a cafetiere!”

Working together

Emma and Dean found us, Two Chimps Coffee, online and started to follow us on Instagram. They became a customer a couple of years ago, ordering some coffees as a stocking filler treat at Christmas and they have been stocking up ever since!


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They love the awesome coffees that we at Two Chimps Coffee offer. Did you know we only roast single origin coffee beans; all of which are 100% Speciality Arabica? That is part of the reason our coffees taste soooooo good! It’s also due to the different ways we roast for each origin of bean. We only ever roast in small batches, by hand too; which is why our coffee is always so fresh and why it tastes so awesome!

Like us, Dean & Emma love being able to help out their customers. When asked, Dean replied;

“Both of us work very hard, and the reason we do this is that we are passionate about delivering our customers a great product and service. It is an added bonus that we get to work together every day. Of course, we love making, personalising and tailoring great balloons for our customers.”

Want to join the troop?

We offer free delivery to all of our wholesale coffee customers, as well as the freshest roasted coffee, and we are available 24h a day if you ever need us!


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